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Well, I decided to make this page because a week is a really long time to wait for the next episode. My favorite t.v. shows I'll put them on a tape all by itself without commercials and when there's nothing on t.v. I pop it in the VCR and watch it. So okay I think I've watched the first episode about 5 times, and the second one about 4. Well, there are certain scenes with Jason that I have to rewind and watch again. Therefore, that's what this page is about!

Season 1

Season 2

1 pilot

1 skin and bones

2 the morning after

2 ask not

3 monsters

3 surprise

4 leaving normal

4 summer of '47

5 missing

5 the end of the world

6 285 south

6 the harvest

7 river dog

7 wipeout

8 blood brother

8 meet the dupes

9 heat wave

9 max in the city

10 the balance

10 the miracle

11 the toy house

11 to serve and protect (hybrid chronicles)

12 into the woods

12 we are family (2 pt. hybrid chronicles)

13 the convention

13 disturbing behavior (3 pt. hybrid chronicles)

14 blind date

14 how the other half lives (4 pt. hybrid chronicles)

15 independence day

15 Viva Las Vegas

16 sexual healing

17 crazy

18 tess, lies and videotape

19 four-square

20 max to the max

21 the white room

22 destiny


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After Season 1: these great pictures from theWB.com

Shiri Appleby as Liz Parker

Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby) - Works at her parents restaurant (The CrashDown Cafe). While at work one day she was shot during an argument. Max Evans risked being discovered by using his powers to save her life. After that day her life was changed. Finding out Max, Michael, and Isabel are aliens, keeping the secret from Maria (til the end of the Pilot episode) and Alex (til the end of Heat Wave), dumping her boyfriend Kyle and risking his anger to expose the aliens, discovering the new guidance counselor was actually an FBI agent (Ms. Topolsky), having to deal with the new girl (Tess) that Max is attracted to, getting Max back from the FBI Special Unit (the White Room) and accepting Max's destiny and letting him go (Destiny).

Jason Behr as Max Evans

Max Evans (Jason Behr) - Has loved Liz from afar since they were in the second grade. After saving her life, he risked his secret getting out. He doesn't know where he comes from but knows that the 1947 crash isn't just a rumor. They were in incubation pods until they were opened. Max and Isabel were found on the side of the road when they got out and were adopted by the Evans. Shortly after saving Liz's life, he got a job at the UFO Center (across the street from the CrashDown Cafe) to learn more about the Alien's past. In the season finale he finds out about his destiny: He's the leader (King), his mate is Tess, and he has to save his people.
Powers known so far: manipulating molecular structures, and "connecting".

Katherine Heigl as Isabel Evans

Isabel Evans (Katherine Heigl) - was adopted by the Evans along with Max when they were found on the road. She dream walked into Maria's sleep and found she thought of aliens as hideous monsters. She dream walked into Alex's sleep and found he had a "thing" for her. She and Alex are close but she has told him that she just wants to be friends. She can't be anything else right now. She had dreams about her and Michael having a baby. In the season finale, she finds out her destiny, she's Max's sister and her mate is Michael.
Powers known so far: manipulating molecular structures and dream walking.

Brendan Fehr as Michael Guerin

Michael Guerin (Brendan Fehr) - when Isabel and Max came out of the pods, he followed them. Max and Isabel "felt" him when they were walking but he never showed himself til they walked for a while. When he saw the Evan's coming he ran away. He was living with his foster father, Hank, until Max and Isabel found out Hank was hurting him. He got his independence and works at the CrashDown as the cook to support himself. He and Maria have gotten close but after killing Agent Pierce he doesn't want to hurt Maria so he broke it off. In the season finale he found out his destiny, he's Max's second in command, and his mate is Isabel.
Powers known so far: he's not really good at it, but he did kill Agent Pierce

Majandra Delfino as Maria DeLuca

Maria DeLuca (Majandra Delfino) - Liz's best friend. Found out about the aliens from Liz, and almost exposed them in 'Monsters' but she kept their secret. She helped Michael in '285 South' when he sort of kidnapped her and they've been close ever since. Getting hot and steamy in the closet with Michael at school, then breaking up because he wants to be alone. On the season finale, Michael had to kill Agent Pierce and told Maria that he can't control his powers and he loves her too much to hurt her.

Colin Hanks as Alex Whitman

Colin Hanks (Alex Whitman) - Has admired Isabel, he was kept in the dark about the aliens by Liz and Maria. He felt left out when Max got into an accident, and needed human blood to fool the doctors. Alex covered for Max and gave up some of his blood for Max in Blood Brothers. He still wasn't told the secret until after Isabel went into his dreams to see what he was thinking and found out about his fantasy towards her. She told Max that she feels he can be trusted with their secret. Alex is close to Isabel but not as close as he would like to be. In Into the Woods, Isabel tells him that they cannot go on a date.. they cannot be together.. like that. But Alex, is a good guy.. great friend, the kinda guy all girls should have!

Emilie de Raven as Tess

Emilie deRaven (Tess Harding) - Came to Roswell late in the season, everyone suspected that she couldn't be trusted. Max was attracted to Tess and kissed her with Liz watching from across the street. Liz believed in Max and went to Tess's house to plant a hi-tech camera formerly used to spy on Michael. Liz broke an artifact and it was swept up by Mr. Harding. That night with everyone watching the hidden camera, Tess dumped out the broken pieces, put her hand over it, and used her powers to put it back together. At the season finale, it is known Tess is Max's bride.
Powers known so far: Mind warp and manipulating molecular structures.

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