Jason Behr - Max Evans
Shiri Appleby - Liz Parker
Brendan Fehr - Michael Guerin
Majandra Delfino - Maria DeLuca
Katherine Heigl - Isabel Evans
Colin Hanks - Alex Whitman

Episode 1: The Pilot

Liz is working at her parent's restaurant one day when a fight breaks out and Liz is shot. One of her classmates rushes to her and she's magically cured. He leaves in a rush... what happened? It's just the beginning!

Max and Liz are in the band room after Liz scraped his pencil for cells:

Liz: So help me out here Max, what are you?

Max: Well, I'm not from around here.

Liz: So where are you from?

Max points up.

Liz: Up north.

Max points higher.

Liz: You're not an ... an a.. alien..... are you?

Max: Well, I prefer the term not of this Earth. Sorry not a good time to joke. Yah I am. Wow it's weird to actually say it.

Same episode a little later.. Max goes to the Crashdown Cafe (which Liz's parents own) to talk to her.

Max: I can imagine how you must feel right now. I mean I've thought about telling you a thousand times.

Liz: You have. Me.

Max snickers

Liz: What?

Max: Sorry, I just uh, i just keep picturing you in that dress with the uh, cupcakes on it.

Liz: What?

Max: Forget it it was a long time ago.

Liz: Oh my god. That's that's right, I can't believe I actually wore that thing. I had that dress in kindergarten, I didn't know you til the third grade. Did you like read my mind or something?

Max: No, I don't read minds. When I healed you I made this.. I don't know... connection and i got this rush of images. An image of that dress flashed into my mind. I've never tried this before but maybe I can make the connection go the other way. So you can see that I'm still me. I have to touch you. Now, just take deep breaths and try to let your mind blank out.

Episode 2 : The Morning After

In this episode, a new teacher played by Julie Benz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Jawbreaker) comes to Roswell High. Suspicions as to who she really is and why she is there arises.

Max: But she pulled other student's records.

Liz: Well, yah but the point is she pulled Michael's.

Max: How many others were there?

Liz: I don't know maybe 10?

Max: Well, 10's alot.

Liz: Ok, it might've only been 5. I'm not sure how many there were.

Max: You can't just show up at Michael's and get him riled up like that. You don't know him, he's not big into "let's go over our options". He acts on things.

Liz: Look I'm sorry, I just thought Michael was in danger and that I'd better tell him.

Max: In danger of what?

Liz: I don't know I have no idea. I'm just saying that if there is a spy among us don't you think it behooves us to do something about it.

Max: A spy?

Liz: Well, yah, no but Max that sort of thing exists, doesn't it? There's like special branches of the government, alien hunters you know that sort of thing.

Max: So you think Ms. Topolsky is an alien hunter?

Liz: Well, when you say it like that it sounds ridiculous.

Max: Liz... thank you. You know for looking out for us. But we have to go on life like it was before this happened. We have to be careful now, all of us, you too

Later on in the eraser room:

Liz: Ok, I'm still confused. If you crash-landed in 1947 are you really 16 or are you like 52 in a 16 year old's body. Or do you guys just age differently. I mean like does 1 alien year equal to 3 human years.

Max: You've thought about this alot haven't you.

Liz: Kind of.

Max: Well, we know we came out of the pods in 1989. We just don't know how long we were there. When we came out we looked like 6 year olds.

Liz: So were you like green?

Max: Green?

Liz: Before you took human form. Were you three feet tall and green and slimy? You know I'm very sorry about asking you that, it was Maria's question.

Max: No we just always looked like this. Except for the third eye. (Bends over)

Liz: Right.

Max: Kidding.

Liz: Yah I knew you were kidding. (snickers) You're such a jerk.

Episode 3 : Monsters

The sheriff wants to ask Maria a few questions about Max and where he's from. Will Maria tell him? Max takes a job across the street from the CrashDown Cafe at the UFO center to discover more about his past.

Max waits for Liz and "accidently bumps into her".

Max: Hey.

Liz: Oh hey.

Max: So how's it going?

Liz: Good. It's going good.

Max: Good thats good, great.

Liz: Okay. Max is everything ok?

Max: Yah, yah, I just wanted to say hi. Just uh stepping out from behind the tree.

Liz: What tree?

Max: Ah forget it.

Max, Liz and Michael are waiting at the school for Maria.

Liz: Max I'm so sorry, I should never have even told Maria in the first place.

Max: Well, you did it cause you trusted her. And you needed somebody to talk to. It was only natural.

Liz: So why did you tell me?

Max: It was only natural.

Liz: What did you mean the other day about that thing about the tree?

Max: Just somebody's advice, not to get stuck behind them.

Liz: Well, did you take it that advice?

Max: I think I just did.


Episode 4 : Leaving Normal

Liz's Grandmother comes to Roswell and has a stroke. Can Max use his powers to save her?

Max sits down at the CrashDown Cafe and Liz comes to take his order.

Liz: It's an orthodontist's convention.

Max: Apparently.

Liz: So um are you waiting for Michael or Isabel?

Max: No, no. Ahem. I'll just have an alien blast?

Liz: Me too.

Max: Excuse me?

Liz: Nothing ok um... one alien blast.

At the hospital, Liz calls Max.

Max's answering machine: Hi. It's Max. I'm not here right now but please leave a message.

Liz: Hi Max. It's Liz. Um. I'm at the hospital something happened to my grandmother. And we don't know if it's serious but it seems really bad. I'm just.. scared. Look I don't even know why I'm calling you. I guess I just wanted to hear your voice or something. Um..now I just feel completely stupid. Look um don't come here or anything cuz everybody's here. I'll see you at school tomorrow. Sorry for the weird call. Bye.

Max visits anyways.

Liz: Max.

Max: Hey.

Liz: My grandmother just had a stroke.

Max: Oh I'm sorry. How are you doing? Are you ok?

Liz: Yah, thanks. Everyone this is Max.

Liz's father: Hi there.

Max: Hi.

Kyle: So what are you doing here?

Max: My cousin got into a car accident.

Liz: I'm sorry.

Max: I don't think it's serious. I better go find out how he's doing.

Isabel is getting ready to work at the CrashDown and is talking to Max.

Max: No way.

Isabel: Shut up. It's a temporary situation.

Max: Why are you? You're covering for Liz, aren't you?

Isabel: So. Depressed? Feeling sorry for yourself? Angry at the world?

Max: All of the above.

Isabel: Listen I heard Liz's grandmother isn't doing so well. She could probably use someone to talk to.

Max: She's got Maria. She's got Kyle.

Isabel: I heard she called when she first found out.

Max: You're the one who's always telling me I have to stay away from her. What are you saying Iz?

Isabel: I'm just saying that you know if something like this happened to grandma or grandpa I wouldn't want to be kept away from someone I really needed.

Liz goes over to Max's house.

Liz: So I've been thinking why I called you.. you know that day from the hospital. Because I knew it was against the rules and it led to that whole awkward moment but. I called anyway. Sort of couldn't help it. Because when something like this happens, what's happening to my grandmother, you don't really listen to logic to what you're supposed to do. You listen to your heart. And my heart told me to call you. Because you were the one person in the world that I really wanted to talk to. Max I've been thinking something, and I'm really not going to get it out of my head unless I just say it. I'm really sorry for asking you this. But is there anything that you could do for my grandmother, you know... do?

Max: Liz when I saved you it was because you were shot. There was a bullet in you. Something was happening to you that wasn't supposed to happen. It was before your time. But I can't just heal people. I'm not... God.

Liz: I know.


Episode 5 : Missing

Liz's diary, the one she keeps everything that happens to her including the day she was shot is missing. Everyone is a suspect!

Liz visits Max at the UFO center.

Max: So what's going on?

Liz: Um... not much actually. You?

Max: Not much. You know we probably could've had this conversation out front.

Liz: Yah right we could. Uh, there is actually one thing. What I didn't tell you before Max is that I keep this diary.

Max: Still not exactly backroom conversation, Liz.

Liz: Well, it's actually more of like a journal, cause that's what scientists call their diaries. Look, anyway in this journal I generally write everything that happened to me. Everything important anyways. And lately that seems to include quite a few things.

Max: And one of those things would be about..Liz: Yah right. So that kind of leads us to the problem. The problem being that that journal with that stuff about.. that stuff about you, and the shooting and that whole entire day and everything, that journal is kind of just missing.

Max: Missing?

Liz: Not missing.

Max: Not missing?

Liz: No it's misplaced.

Max: Misplaced?

Liz: Temporarily misplaced.

Max: Right.

Liz: Yah.

Max: Okay.

Liz: No, I'm sure that there are.. I'm sure that it's somewhere stupid like under my bed or something.

Max: What exactly did you write in this thing Liz? How bad is it?

Liz: I'm gonna find it Max. So just don't worry about it. Ok? And tomorrow after I've found it, we're gonna have a really good laugh.

After Liz gets her journal back and talks to Max.

Liz: I seem to be finding myself here quite a bit here lately.

Max: Maybe you'd be interested in the season pass. $19 includes the guided tour and a box lunch.

Liz: Everythings ok, Max. I have my journal.

Max: You found it?

Liz: I guess you can say it found me. I left it at the CrashDown, a customer returned it.

Max: A customer?

Liz: A friend, a good friend. Uh, look Max now that this is all over and everything I feel like I owe you an explanation to why I wrote those things.

Max: No you don't.

Liz: No, I know you think I was foolish to you know write about that day about you and everything. What I wrote in my journal it didn't really have anything to do with science. Um, that day that you saved me, I felt something that I just had to put into words. So years from now if anyone ever touches me the way that you did, I'll know what it's supposed to feel like.

Max: So can I see it? What you wrote.

Liz: Oh yah, I don't - I don't think that's a good idea.

Max: No?

Liz: No.

Max: Why because if I read it I'll know how you really feel about me?

Liz: Exactly.


Episode 6 : 285 South

Michael wants to know what the key means. He kidnaps Maria and they head South on 285. Max, Liz and Isabel follow. They stop at a convenience store to get something to eat, and Liz and Isabel are talking outside.

Liz: Isabel?

Isabel: What?

Isabel turns around and spills drink on both of them.

Liz: Sorry.

Isabel: That's great.

Liz: I was just trying to be nice.

Isabel: Well, don't, okay?

Isabel uses her powers to clean her clothes.

Liz: No wonder you always look so perfect.

Isabel: You think so?

Liz: Please, you're like the Elle MacPherson of the sophomore class.

Isabel: Well, I guess that answers question number 12. Who you envy?

Liz: What about you? Who do you envy?

Isabel: No one.

Liz: Isabel... I'm not trying to take him away from you. I mean I could never even do that.

Isabel: I know.

Liz: But what if you guys found something in Marathon? Would you take him away from me?

Isabel uses her powers to clean Liz's clothes.

Liz: Thank you.

Max and Liz are in the jeep. They are at a roadblock. Isabel is outside talking to the police officer.

Max: Liz I'm sorry.

Liz: Yah, we're gonna get through somehow.

Max: I don't mean about the roadblock, I mean about everything. From Michael taking Maria, For Isabel being so Isabel. We're not all the same you know.

Liz: Yah, I've known that for a really long time. I'm sorry too, Max. You know for Kyle, and how my stupid boring life could possible get you guys into trouble.

Max: First of all, nothing about you is stupid and secondly, it feels like my life didn't even start til I told you the truth that day.

Liz: Yah I know what you mean. Max?

Max: Yah?

Liz: Um.. I know that we agreed, you know not.. not to feel a certain way about each other.

Max: Yah.

Liz: Do you still think that's a good idea?

Max leans over to repair a hole in the roof of the jeep.

Max: Just wanted to keep you warm.


Episode 7: River Dog

To find out more about their past, Max and Liz go to see River Dog. Before leaving River Dog tells Liz, "You're not one of them. Make sure he deserves your trust."

Liz goes over to Max's house.

Max: So what's going on?

Liz: Um, I really didn't want to say this before, because I didn't want anybody else to get involved but um, I'm going to the reservation.

Max: No, no you're not. We're being watched.

Liz: Maybe you're not just being watched, you know maybe it's more than that. Max today they came for the files what if tomorrow they come for you. If there's anything there, any possibility at all this means something, we need to find out.

Max: Thanks for the offer but no.

Liz: Max you saved my life.

Max: What does that have to do with it?

Liz: It's what started all of this. People suspecting you. If anything happened to you, or Michael or Isabel, I couldn't live with that. Let me do this one thing.

Max: Liz I already told you no.

Liz: Max I didn't come for you permission, I just came for the pendant. If you don't give it to me I'll just draw it. I'm going.

Max: Hey. (gives her the pendant) First moment anything weird happens, anything at all. You come back.

Liz: I promise.


Episode 8: Blood Brother

Max is injured in a car accident and taken to a hospital, where a sample of his blood is drawn, forcing Michael and Liz to find a way to replace the sample with a vial of Alex's blood. After Max is discharged, Michael spies Topolsky's men rummaging through Max's hospital room.

Okay Jason was unconscience for half of the show. They wanted to find out who was following them and looking through Max's things. So Max and Liz go out, and lose the guy in the UFO Center.

Max: Just look in the window like you're shopping. Okay he's there. Now laugh like I just said something funny.

Liz: Ha ha ha... Max?

Max: We can't let him think we've seen him

Liz: Do you really think this is going to work?

Max: It's the only way to find out if he's really following us.

At the CrashDown, Maria talks to Liz and Michael talks to Max and Isabel about what they found in the FBI guys motel room.

Michael: So I checked the garbage can cuz that's the best place to look for information.

Maria: Anyway, so space boy is looking at this guy's after-shave, so I told him to look in the trash ,cuz you know that's where you find the best trash. And what do we find?

Michael: A phone number. So I put it together and I figure the best way to find out who's on the other end of the line is to call.

Maria: He'd still be there if I hadn't picked up the phone and dialed and of course he takes this opportunity to lean in as close to me as possible.

Michael: I could barely hear because she's hanging all over me trying to listen but there's no way I wouldn't recognize that voice.

Maria: Clear as a bell. No mistake.

Michael: Topolsky.

Maria: That's right Ms Topolsky Ms. all american guidance counselor and big fat liar.

Michael: Never trust a blonde.

Max: Are you sure?

Maria: Positive, I smelled it from day one, remember?

Liz: Maria, this is bad, really bad.

Max: Who knows how much she's found out about us already?

Michael: Or who she's heard it from.

Isabel: Or who she'll tell.

Liz: Alex was with her. I heard him talking about Max.

Maria: He's not a snitch. Besides he doesn't know anything to tell, does he?

Max: Liz told him we were into drugs, just so he'd stop asking questions.

Isabel: Great, that'll be easier to explain to mom and dad.

Max: He's not going to say anything.

Liz: He's not going to say anything.

Maria: Right.

Michael: Stick a fork in us Maxwell, we're done.


Episode 9:Heat Wave

During a freak December heat wave, thoughts turn to romance as Michael and Maria's friendship gets steamy, Isabel and Alex share a hypnotic dream-dance and Max and Liz share their first kiss.

Liz is trying to mate two slugs together, Max walks in.

Liz: Max, you know when you said before that we couldn't be together? That we were different. I just sort of accepted it you know? Because I just you know I thought it was physically impossible, that it - that it couldn't be. But when I saw Maria with Michael... the truth is that, yah I was hurt Max. Why is it okay for them but it's not okay for us?

Max: Liz, I think that what I'm afraid of isn't that we try this and it works out really badly. What I'm afraid of is that we try this and it works out really well. I'm afraid of feeling everything that I know I would feel. Because I know it's not meant to be. And somewhere down the line we're gonna get hurt. I can live with that. I just couldn't bear to hurt you.

Liz: That's not your decision is it. (Liz touches Max's hand)

Max: I guess not. (Leans in to kiss her)

Teacher: Hey Liz. How are you doing on your mating ritual?

Liz: I was doing just fine.

Liz & Alex get arrested and are in jail. The other guys in jail leave but the sheriff keeps Alex and Liz.

Liz: Alex... Alex.... Al... Alex I just need to talk to you. I just want to...

Alex: Let me just ask you something. Did you arrange that whole Isabel thing?

Liz: What what Isabel thing?

Alex: You know her trying to seduce me into keeping quiet.

Liz: I don't know anything about that Alex. I swear.

Alex: Cause it's cause its just low. You know she's low. And I'm done. I'm done protecting you. Or her or anyone else you're associated with. Cause I'm telling Sheriff Valenti everything. Verbatim. About replacing Max's blood at the hospital, discovering Topolsky was FBI. Everything.

Liz: No, look look, Alex. Look it listen to me. You have just, you should just know all of the facts before you do something like this.

Alex: Well, I thought you said it wasn't your secret to tell.

Liz: Alex, the reason Isabel did whatever it is that she did ... it's not that she's low. She's just.. she's scared.

Alex: Scared.

Liz: Yes.

Alex: Scared of what?

Liz: She's scared of being different.

Alex: Oh come on save it.

Liz: Alex... Max, Michael and Isabel they are different from us. They are different from us in a way that if the wrong people found out they would be in a lot of trouble.

Alex: I know the whole drugs thing is a load of crap, Liz. I mean why would the FBI be so interested in 3 kids into drugs.

Liz: No, Alex, listen to me. This doesn't have anything to do with drugs. Alex, .. Max, Michael and Isabel, they aren't from around here.

Alex: Where are they from?

Liz points up

Alex: Wyoming?

Liz points higher.

Alex: Oh okay, fine Canada. They're Canucks. So you're saying the FBI is all over them because they're like.. illegal aliens?

Liz: Yah sort of. Listen Alex. They're from somewhere else.

Alex: Liz, what are you talking about?

Liz: God, there isn't anyway for me to say this but to just ... to just say this, ok. Look Alex, they think they were in the 1947 crash. Ok, they were like in these incubation pods for a really long time, like 40 years. And they came out in like the form of humans. And now all of these people suspect them. That's why Topolsky's here, and that's why Valenti arrested us and that's why we're here because he knows that I'm involved. I'm really sorry Alex, but you're involved too.

Alex: Liz are you ok?

Liz: Alex, you don't even understand. The past few months have been like absolute torture lying to you. I will never, ever lie to you again, I promise.

Sheriff: Mr. Whitman, sleep alright? Let's say we go down to my office.

Alex: No, right here. I'm ready to talk.

Sheriff: All right. I want to know what your involvement is, with Liz, Max, Michael and Isabel. And I want to know what happened to Ms. Topolsky.

Alex: I'm ready to talk about the fact that I'm a kid. I'm 16 years old. I'm a sophomore in high school, so what could I possibly have to do with a teacher leaving. And what does any of this have to do with you anyway.

Sheriff: I'm just doing my job, son.

Alex: I was at a party! And my only wish was that while I was there I engaged in some sort of depraved activity, like drinking or sex, but I didn't. I didn't break any laws.

Sheriff: Everybody who was at that party was trespassing on private property. And both of you were minors in possession of alcohol.

Alex: This has nothing to do with that party, does it? Sheriff, I want out of here right now. I demand it. Or I'm going to get a lawyer and I'm going to sue for abusive treatment of a minor. I may be 16 but I know my rights.

Liz and Alex walking out of the police station.

Liz: Alex, you were amazing.

Alex: Well, yah, yah I was.

Liz: So um, how do you feel.. you know about what I said.

Alex: Well, part of me uh.. part of me feels like you've gone insane, and the other part of me feels like I want the massive doses of hallucinogens you've obviously been taking. But I don't believe in aliens.

Liz: Neither did I. You don't believe me do you.

Alex: I believe that you believe. Get home safe.

Liz: You too.

Max goes to Liz's house after she's released from jail. They are on her roof.

Liz: You really can't stay long.

Max: I know. I just wanted to tell you I've been thinking about last night.

Liz: Yah me too.

Max: When I saw Valenti taking you away like that. It just hit home for me, you know? How much knowing me has screwed up your life.

Liz: No, it's just the opposite.

Max: Thank you for saying that.

Liz: It's all true Max.

Max: I better go.

Liz: Why?

Max: Cause if I don't go right now things are going to change.

Liz: Change how?

Max: I'm gonna have to touch your hair because it's so soft... and I'd have to tell you that no matter what we go through is all worthwhile for me because we're together.

Liz: And then?

Max: And then... I'd have to do this (kissing Liz) <----the kiss we've all been waiting for.


Episode 10: The Balance

Angry when he learns that Max never told him about his trip to the Mescalero Reservation, Michael makes his own journey where he joins in River Dogs sacred ritual and ends up in a dangerous hallucinatory state.

Max and Michael walk into the CrashDown.

Maria: Well, isn't it Prince Charming and Quasimodo.

Maria: What are you doing?

Liz: Max likes Cherry Cola. What does Michael like?

Maria: Cherry cola with arsenic?

Liz & Maria bring the drinks.

Liz: Cherry cola on the house.

Maria: Yours is $1.25.

Max & Liz go on a date... well, they both wanted to eat Chinese food.. not actually a date. They're opening their fortune cookies.

Liz: This is my favorite part. It says... "This is the best night of your life."

Max: Is that really what it says.

Liz Well, it's better than "A broken clock is still right twice a day."

Max: You're right, I like yours better.

Liz: Okay let me see yours.

Max: Ah.. ask a girl to dance with you.

Liz: Is that really what it says.

Max: Depends on your answer.

Liz: Yes.

Max: Then that's really what it says.

Maria asks Liz for details... about her and Max

Maria: Nothing happened?

Liz: Mm mm .. well, the other night, we kissed.

Maria: And...?

Liz: Ha, I don't think we should talk about it.

Maria: Are you kidding we have to talk about it.. We're the only two people in this world capable of having this conversation.

Liz: That we know of.

Maria: Don't complicate things. Okay, who wants to go first. Fine I'll start, I'll start.. it was explosive.

Liz: Yah, uh, that's a really good word for it.

Maria: Right, it was like every cell in my body felt the same cell in his and started heating up.

Liz: And i got really dizzy did you get dizzy?

Maria: I get dizzy just thinking about it.

Liz: Ok, you know like all of that time I spent with Kyle. I didn't have any of those feelings that I did when I was with Max. What about you?

Maria: Doug Sohn in the 8th grade?

Liz: Yah?.

Maria: Amateur. Michael is the real thing.

Liz: Okay now here's the big question. Do you think that we feel like this just because of the fact that they're like...

Maria: Oh.. their non-human status. What if they've like ruined it for us with anyone else.

Liz: Yah.

Maria: Leave it to Michael to wreak havoc on my life even though he wants no part of it.

Max & Liz are waiting for Riverdog...Max tells Liz how they all met.

Max: I remember the first time I saw Michael.. it was in the desert. The night we first came out of the pods. The sky was bright, the stars, and this full moon. Isabel and I found each other first. We didn't know how to speak but we could communicate anyways. We walked for a while but we could both feel someone else.

Liz: Michael.

Max: He said he saw us but that he was afraid. So he just watched us for a long time. When he finally revealed himself to us he was standing on this rock. Just like you'd expect from Michael, "here I am deal with me." He said it was the hardest thing he's ever had to do... trust us.

Liz: So um.. how did you guys end up getting separated?

Max: Well we all saw the headlights at the sametime. Isabel took my hand. We knew we'd be safe as long as we stayed together. I held my hand out for Michael, I knew he wanted to. He just wouldn't take it. So we just looked at each other for a long time. We wouldn't see him again for 3 years. Isabel would cry everynight wondering where he was. You all right?

Liz: Ah, yah it's just kinda sad you know.. Thinking of being separated like that.

Max: You're wondering if it could happen to me aren't you? If I could get sick like Michael.

Liz: No.. mm-mmm.

Max: I've been thinking about it alot too. What if this is just our life cycle? Maybe this is how we die.

Liz: Max.. it's come on... it's not.

Max: I can understand if you have doubts.. about us. I mean second thoughts. Because committing to someone is hard enough without having to wonder if they're gonna be here tomorrow.

The break-up

Max: Is this a bad time?

Liz: No it's not. Hi.

Max: Just uh.. wanted to see how you were doing.

Liz: I'm fine.. yah. Um...How's Michael?

Max: Same as ever.

Liz: That's really good.

Max: But I'm not Liz.

Liz: What do you mean?

Max: I mean one day it will be me and I can't keep pretending that I'm.. normal.

Liz: Max, you know I didn't mean to have doubts.. I didn't mean to let you down in the cave.

Max: I don't blame you. You had every right to feel that way because what you felt was true. We don't belong together.

Liz: Don't say that.

Max: The other night, you know when we went out and the whole day before, ever since we've kissed.. I've been off balance. You made me forget that anything else existed. But that's not real.

Liz: It is the only real thing that I've ever felt.

Max: Sometimes you need to take a step back to see what's really going on. Maybe that's what we both really need to do right now.. find our balance again.

Liz: You know Max, I thought that um.. I thought that we found it.

Max: You don't know how much I wish that could be true.

Liz: Max, how is it possible that I could be ... the happiest I've ever been in my entire life, you know, and now the saddest.. all.. all at one time.

Max: I think that's what being in love is

Liz: Yah I think so too.

Max: So we'll just take a step back ...for a while.

Liz: Well, yah if that's what you want.

Max: That's what I need. Cause I'm just as scared as you are.

Liz: No wait Max. **kisses him** I just wanted.. to remember.

Max: Goodbye, Liz.


Episode 11: The Toy House

Max's mother gets a glimpse of him using his powers to put out a grease fire that threatens her life, and she begins to question his secretive nature. Meanwhile, Liz tends to Kyle after he is injured during a basketball game, which makes Max jealous. And Isabel pressures Max to their secrets to their mother.

Max & Isabel are talking after the fire.

Isabel: You're really upset this is bad.

Max: I'm all right.

Isabel: Max I know you. You only listen to the Counting Crows when you're really upset.

Max: It's not just this. It's.. everything.

Isabel: You were right to put the brakes on the Liz thing.

Max: Thank you. You mentioned that... like 10 times?

Isabel: It's just that you guys were getting so intense. It's one thing to have a little fun but, you know we just can't get attatched like that,


Max: I know that. Maybe I just forgot. I know that now.

Isabel: And you can live with that? I mean, you're ok with it?

Liz and Maria at the Crashdown. Liz is drying a glass.

Liz: I am definately ok with it. In fact, I'm great with it, you know. Cause we always knew that it couldn't be.. that it was this total impossibility

so I'm glad that we're both able to finally just get it out there.

Maria: Liz, the glass is clean.

Liz puts the glass down.

Liz: Right. I mean sure, you get caught up in the excitement of it all. But I'm over it.

Maria: Are you sure? Cause it seems like you kinda got over it pretty quickly.

Liz: Well, there's just no reason to let it fester, you know? You gotta just move on, and not look back.

Maria: Good. So you're not hurt.

Liz: Hurt?

Maria: By the way it happened. It kinda seems like it was more his decision than yours.

Liz: No, not at all. Okay I mean, yes, technically he is the one who ended it. But.. no. It was mutual, you know, it was like.. 90% mutual.

Maria: Liz, that's enough coffee.

Liz: Okay.

Max is talking to Michael about healing his mom.

Micheal: You used your powers in front of your mother that is not fine.

Max: Michael, I'm handling it all right?

Michael: Well, I hope so, because dealing with "Frick" and "Frack" over there is one thing but we can't bring adults in this and expect them

to handle it. Adults are the enemy, Max, remember that.

Max: Michael, you say everyone is the enemy.

Michael: They are.

Liz and Maria walk to them.

Liz: Hey.

Max. Hey.

Michael: Hey.

Maria: Yeah, whatever.

Max visits Liz afterhours at the CrashDown.

Liz: What's up?

Max: Nothing, how's it going?

Liz: Fine. You alright?

Max: Yah... yah. I just want you to know that it's ok. I mean. You don't have to feel uncomfortable if you and Kyle get back together.

Liz: What?

Max: I saw you two together at the CrashDown yesturday.

Liz: Okay, um.. Max, first of all that couldn't be further from what's happening and secondly.. if it was happening I wouldn't need your permission Max.

Max: I'm getting out of here. Now you sound like Isabel.

Liz: Why do I sound like Isabel, Max?

Max: She's got this thing all of a sudden that I'm controlling

Liz: Oh.. so it's HER thing.

Max: What?

Liz: Max, just take a psych class because you are controlling.

Max: Hey I am who I am. I've got a lot going on and I'm trying to make things work.

Liz: Max, you know what your problem is? You put everything on yourself. On your own shoulders. Maybe you should have some faith in

the people around you.

Max and his mother are sitting on the bench.

Max: I thought you might be here.

Mom: Max. Honey sit down. I'm glad you're here. I've been wanting to talk to you about something we've never discussed before. Have you ever thought about trying to find your real parents? I mean, because I've been thinking, maybe theres a reason why you can't talk to me. Maybe you need real parents for that. Maybe your father and I just aren't enough for you.

Max: Mom, I don't think we'll ever find our real parents. And.. maybe it would.. you know.. give us some answers. But please don't ever think that you're not enough. I mean... without you I don't know where I would even be.

Mom: Max, nothing you are could ever turn me away from you.. I mean.. I love you... you're my son. Do you understand that?

Max: Yeah.

Mom: Then why.. why can't you just tell me your secret.


Episode 12: Into the Woods

A bright flash of light in the sky is witnessed by several people in the woods near Riverdog's reservation, leading Max and Isabel to investigate the incident during a school camping trip. Liz is forced to endure the outing with her father and pays Maria to accompany them.

Max, Michael, and Isabel are at the CrashDown Cafe. Alex is talking to Liz and Maria.

Alex: Ok, ok.. is she looking at me?

Liz: Oh um.. she's not.. she's not really looking at you.

Alex: Isabel Evans and Alex Charles Whitman out on a date? That's.. that's like so miraculous, you know. This is the biggest moment of Alex Charles Whitman's life.

Liz: Why don't you just take some deep breaths, ok?

Alex: It's just .. it's amazing you know. It's just.. it's totally amazing. It's too amazing.. oh gawd it's a joke isn't it. It's a practical joke and you two are in on it, you bastards.

Liz: Alex, alex, alex, your paranoid schizophrenia, it's kicking in.

Alex: Right, I'm gonna go to the bathroom and go have a little talk with myself.

Liz: Ok.

Maria: See what I'm saying. These Czechoslovachians have way too weird of an effect on us. And if you don't stay away from them Liz I'm gonna be picking up pieces of your heart for the rest of your life.

Liz: No, you're not cause I am staying away from him, Maria. Max and I haven't even talked to each other for days.

Maria: Oh really?

Liz: Yeah.

Maria: Then why has he been staring at you since he came in.

Liz: He has?

Maria: Am I going to have to do an intervention with you? Liz, make him think you're over him That your life is so much better. Lie if you have to! It's for your own good.

Max: Hey.

Liz: Hey.

Max: Haven't seen you in a couple of days.

Liz: Uh.. yah, it's been kinda busy.

Maria: She means she's been kinda busy. Actually we've both been kinda busy.

Michael: Yeah I can see that.

Maria: You know getting ready for the big weekend and all.

Max: You have a big weekend?

Maria: Dates. We have dates. With men.

Michael: Men?

Maria: These college guys that we met during winter break and um... they're taking us out to dinner, an expensive dinner.

Max: Great. Well, have a good time.

Liz and Maria are boarding the bus... Max is right at the door.

Liz: He's going to find out. They're going alphabetically, Maria.

Teacher: Kalinowski... Parker..

Max turns and sees Liz and Maria.

Max: No, uh.. expensive dinner?

Maria: Actually there's been a change in plans. Max smiles. And we were making such progress.

At the campsite.

Sheriff: Jeff over here. Come on we'll make a party out of it.

Liz and Maria same time: I don't think that's such a good idea.

Liz is brushing her teeth, and Max is behind her.

Max: Always be prepared.

Liz: Well, contrary to what people may think, gambling is not a dental hygiene alternative.

Max: Liz, wait. Is this the way things are going to be between us from now on?

Liz: I think you were the one who wanted it this way.

Max: No, I didn't. I wanted us to slow down, not screech to a halt.

Liz: Well, then you should let me in Max. You know, I know what's going on. I have been waiting for you to be the one to bring it up, but you don't. You're here because of the sighting, Max.

Max: Please no one else can know.

Liz: Max, I know you think that we shouldn't be together and maybe you're right. But you made me a part of this.


Episode 13: The Convention

When Max's boss Milton organizes the "Tenth Annual UFO Convention", Max finds himself playing host to guest speaker Jonathan Frakes, while trying to avoid a dangerous confrontation with Larry and Jennifer.

Michael is talking to some guy about aliens when Isabel snatches him away.

Michael: Hey I wasn't finished talking to him.

Isabel: I want to get the hell out of here. This place is psychologically damaging.

Michael: Hey, I've got no choice here. We've got cave paitings we don't understand. We've got Nasedo sending us messages. This place could hold the answers to everything.

Isabel: Yah, I'm sure it's a real Mecca for factual information.

Max in costume: Save me, save me, I'm a human trapped in an alien body.

Isabel: Excuse us.

Max takes off alien head.

Isabel: You realize we've just lost our last shred of dignity.

Max & Michael are in the office talking.

Max: Michael, I've got to talk to you about something...personal.

Michael: Nothing's too personal.

Max: How'd you do it with Maria.

Michael: Too personal.

Max: No, I mean how did you stop? I can't stop thinking about Liz. Everytime I see her she starts going into slow motion.

Michael: Maxwell, you've gotta be strong. You can't let yourself be led about your.... energy source. It wasn't for me either but you've gotta throw yourself into something else.. anything else to get your mind off.

Max: Throw myself into something.

Max in the information booth and Liz comes down.

Michael: Mud.

Max: What?

Michael: When you're with her think about mud.. it helped me.

Max: Michael, I don't need some trick. I can handle this.

Liz: Hi. um. I just wanted to talk about the luncheon that we're catering.

Max: Oh yah if it's work related sure. It's just that I'm kinda busy.

Liz: Okay, um.. I'll just come over. It's just that um.. Larry and Jennifer are back. You know, the ones that were there the day I got shot. And now Jennifer won't leave. She just planted herself in the CrashDown. She's been sitting there for hours and it kinda feels like she's been watching me. So I came here to tell you that they're here in case anything should happen.. [voice fades away]

Max: Mud..

Liz: What?

Max: pie.. Mud pie. For the lunch the CrashDown is catering tomorrow. I was thinking about Mud pie.

Liz: Okay, I'll see if I can arrange it.

Max: I gotta go.. really busy.

Liz, Maria, Amy Deluca, and Alex at the CrashDown talking.

Liz: Here you go .. drown your sorrows.

Amy: Oh, girls girls girls. If I'd known real life was gonna be this difficult I never would've signed up.

Alex: You guys look as good as I feel

Liz: Rootbeer float?

Alex: No, umm orange soda on the rocks.

Amy: Hmm..Girl trouble.

Alex: Oh it's that obvious. Great hey listen let me ask you guys a question. As women, do you find that all men are obsessive?

Women: Yes.. absolutely.. no question.

Amy: They find something..

Maria: usually something completely innane.

Liz: Oh, like football.

All: or UFO's

Amy: And then they just don't let it go.

Jennifer: Until it consumes every minute of their waking day. Sorry. Couldn't help but deeply relate.

Liz: Yah, but then they use it as an excuse.

Amy: Oh whenever it's convienient for them.

Maria: To just completely ignore you.

Amy: Yah, and it's so clear why they're doing it.

Liz: Oh, yah, it's an avoidance thing.

Jennifer: They hide behind their obsession.

Amy: Because what they really are is afraid.

Maria: Deathly afraid.

Liz: of commitment.

Alex: Okay I got it. Crystal clear. But what if uh, theres a guy whose obsession is a woman.

All: Oh, yah.. dream on.

Amy and Maria rush to see if "Ernie" is okay from fighting.

Amy: Ernie.. oh my god. Are you ok?

Takes off mask.

Michael: I'm just resting.

Amy: Oh you dear, dear boy. [kisses Maria]

Michael: It was easy money.

Maria going to kiss Michael.

Michael: Mud

Maria: What?

Michael: Mud. I'm thinking about mud.

Maria: Why do I even try?


Episode 14: Blind Date

To get over her "break up" with Max, Maria enters Liz in a blind date contest. She wins the contest and causes Max and Kyle to "bond" over their similar situations.

Liz is sweeping at the CrashDown while listening to the radio.

Radio guy: Here to crown our winner at one of our finer local establishments the CrashDown Cafe. Looking for our new Queen of Hearts, Miss Liz Parker.

Maria: Oh my gawd, oh my gawd.

Liz: I didn't even enter Maria.

Maria: I entered for us.

Radio guy: Hey what's running through your mind right now Liz?

Liz: Oh, um, heh, um..nothing I can say on live radio.

Kyle comes to talk to Max.

Kyle: Evans. I know your pain man.

Max: I'm just fine, Kyle.

Kyle: I was in denial in the beginning too. I mean, one minute she's telling me I'm the only one, the next she's making "goo goo" eyes at you. I can't deny it hurt. All break-ups do, huh.

Max: We didn't break up, Kyle.

Kyle: Max, Max, Max, don't do lie to yourself like this.

Max: We didn't break up because we were never together.

Kyle: She really did a number on you didn't she? But I've come to realize that's her pattern, her M.O. She's a maneater. And I pity the fool that radio station fixes her up with cuz she's going to fall in love, and then the hunger begins all over again, cya!

Max takes a sip of alcohol.

Kyle: Do you feel dizzy?

Max: My tongue.. feels very.. heavy.

Kyle: You really don't drink do you?

Max: Never..

Kyle: You my friend are drunk.

Max: This much.[shows his fingers]

Kyle: What a wussie.

Max: [laughs] Did you just call me a wussie?

Kyle: I believe I did.

Max: Do you see that mailbox? I'll beat you to it. On your mark... go!!

Kyle: It's get.. you said.. you skipped get set.

Kyle trying to find Max after he ran off.

Kyle: Evans. I know you're here somewhere. You weren't that far ahead of me. [whistles] Here Maxy Maxy Maxy.

Max: I want to thank you Kyle. For giving me a new outlook on things.

Kyle: How the hell did you get up there?

Max: I used the ladder.

Kyle: [looks around] There is no ladder.

Max: Well, yah, now.

Kyle: Whatever, get down before you break your neck, and everyone blames me for getting you trashed. Maybe getting you drunk wasn't such a good idea.

Max: No, you were right.

Kyle: I was?

Max: Yah, all the stuff you said, about me, about Liz. I've been keeping all this stuff inside. Not confronting the horrible, ugly truth of it all. I've been hiding for years Kyle.. years. But it's time the real Max comes out.

Kyle: He wouldn't be gay by any chance would he?

Max: You're funny Kyle. You're really funny. No matter how much of a jackass you're being you always know how to turn a phrase

Kyle: You think I'm a jackass?

Max: Yah, see, see, secret keeper Max never said it to your face. But the real Max... he'll tell you everything he thinks. No inhibitions.. you should try it.

Kyle: Okay let's be brutally honest with each other shall we? You and Liz are in love..

Max: No flies on you Kyle.

Kyle: Okay so then why aren't you together?

Max: The problem is.. I'm a serious, dark haried mystery man from an exotic place.

Kyle: [laughing] but that's exactly what she wants.

Max: Women.

Kyle: Yah, go figure. We're a couple of big fat losers here Evans.

Max: Well, thats a little harsh don't you think.

Kyle: Harsh, but true. Well, the point here is we let ourselves sink. I mean look at us we're beaten.

Max: Not unless we give up.

Kyle: Well, in case you haven't noticed, we're here in the gutter and she's off smooching with dog boy.

Max: We're going to win her back.

Kyle: We are?

Max: We're going to show her how we feel about her and she's gonna forget all about Mr. Shallow and come back to us.

Kyle: Shellow

Max: Come on!

Kyle: Well, how do we split her up exactly? Every other week, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, alternate Saturdays?

Max and Kyle go into Liz's bedroom.

Kyle: Top drawer. Always lingerie. Dare I?

Max changing Liz's picture.

Kyle: The secrets of femininity, so close. Who knows what I may discover.

Liz comes in.

Liz: Kyle, what are you doing. Max?

Max: Now, Liz, before you come to any conclusions. I think you ought to know that we are really, really drunk.

Date: Who are these guys?

Kyle: The ex's. The rejects.

Max: Actually if you must know, we're here to win her back.

Liz: Kyle what did you do to him?

Max: Now don't go telling her anything we were talking about tonight. It's private.

Kyle: You secret's safe with me pal.

Liz: Um, look, um, Kyle anything that Max has told you or anything you've seen him do tonight is a lie. Cuz, Max, um.. he has this problem.He when he's drunk he sort of has this tendency to make things up. Right Max?

Max: But this is the first time I've ever been drunk.

Liz: Would you two just excuse us..

Date: No, this is supposed...

Kyle: This is none of your business Shallow. And you're looking at 160 lbs. of varsity Greco-Roman wrestler that's going keep it that way.

Date: Is that a fact?

Kyle: Uh uh uh, no.

Liz: Okay Max, we just gotta get you somewhere safe until you sober up.

Max: I don't think that's going to happen.

Liz: Why not?

Max: All I had was one little sip.. and it's not wearing off. You like it?

Kyle from inside: I said sit down dog boy!

Date: Liz, what's going on out there.

Kyle: I can't hold him back much longer.

DJ: I knew it, Doug's already maneuvered his way into the bedroom with.. another guy?? This is about the wackiest thing I've seen in a long time. Doug in the bedroom with another guy while another dark haired mystery man steals Liz away into the night. Wait a minute what's this? Ladies and gentlemen who is M.E. and what has he done with our dream girl.

Max & Liz running...

Liz: Max.. Max, wait we have to stop. Please we have to stop.

Max: Let's just keep running. You and me away from here, away from everything. I see everything so clearly now. We'll go someplace where no one knows us. As long as we're together nothing else matters.

Liz: You're drunk. Nothing that you say is true.

Max: It's all true, Liz. It's how I feel. It's all just magic when I think about you.

Max makes the street light spin.

Liz: Max, turn it off anyone can see.

Max: And when I'm not with you, I go crazy.

Max makes car alarm go off.

Liz: Max...

Max: When you're here.. car alarm turns into lullaby

Liz: Max.. please...

Max: You're my dreamgirl Liz.

Liz: And what if I believe you tonight.

Max: Then we live happily ever after.

Liz: And then what about tomorrow when you go back to realizing who you really are and all your fantasies go away.

Max: I'll still have you.

Liz: It could never be normal Max.

Max sets parking meters sparkle.

Max: What's so great about normal?


Episode 15: Independance Day

The mysterious fourth alien is revealed to be a shape-shifter watching over Max, Isabel, and Michael after Michael's home situation reaches a crisis point resulting in a violent confrontation with his foster father Hank.

Liz and Maria talking at school.

Liz: I don't even know how to explain it Maria. Are you listening?

Maria: I'm listening.

Liz: When Max kissed me it was like. I don't know. Okay, it was like I saw things. All right, I could feel the universe.

Maria: Okay, okay stop stop stop

Liz: What?

Maria: I have just the thing for you all right. Open your mouth.

Liz: What?

Maria: Just open your mouth okay.

Liz: Okay fine. Ugh.. my.. that's really gross what is it? What is it?

Maria: It's grief relief

Liz: What?

Maria: I got it from my mother's shop. Its this herbal remedy that shocks the body back into reality when the mind has gone into overload. Veternarians use it to calm wild animals.

Liz: Oh well, that's.. that's great

Maria: Here you can have this and anytime you feel yourself spiraling out of control, put 4 drops under your tongue okay?

Liz: Okay.

Max coming down the hall.

Maria: Now would be a good time.

Maria looks out her window and sees Michael. She puts a few drops of "grief relief" in her mouth.. then chugs the whole thing.

Maria: What are you doing out there? No, you can't come in. No, I know why you're here. All right, I know what your plan is. I know what you want. But it's not gonna work this time mister. Okay no matter what you say, my answer is No, No, No, No, NO! Michael standing in her room.

Isabel sitting in her room.

Isabel: I thought I locked that door.

Max: Um...yah, yah you did. What are you doing?

Isabel: [sighs]You see this? This is all I know about who we are. These stones that River Dog gave us at the cave when Michael was sick. They're the only thing we have from the place we came from. It's the first time I realize we have a home somewhere. A real place. They don't mean anything. Not without Michael.


Episode 16: Sexual Healing

Liz and Max give in to their feelings for each other, and their kisses connect them telepathically. Liz sees images that may be Max's memories of his trip to Earth, while Max experiences visions of Liz's past. Meanwhile, Michael and Maria experiment with their own make-out sessions, and Isabel despairs in her solitude.

Liz in shower at school.

Liz: It's February 20th. I'm Liz Parker, and lately I've been having these feelings.. like I'm changing, inside. And part of me doesn't want to change. Part of me always wants to be my mom's little girl. And the thing is.. these feelings are strong, and dangerous, undeniable. It's like I have no choice, like chemical. Looks around shower and everyone is gone. Then she sees Max

Maria: Liz, nice strawberries.

Liz wakes from her daydream and knocks over strawberries.

Maria: Are you okay?

Liz: Yah, I'm fine. Max walks into the CrashDown.

Maria: You have a visitor. Takes a bite of a strawberry. Mmm sweet.

Max: Hey

Liz: Hey

Max: I hope this isn't my fault.

Liz: Why would this be your fault?

Max: If I startled you.

Liz: No, you know I always knock over strawberries this time of day. Always. I'm just gonna get more berries.

Max: Wait, here's another one.

Liz: What are you doing here Max?

Max: I have orders from my planet to take over the Earth.

Liz: Besides that.

Max: I want to make sure we can still be friends.

Liz: Yah, I mean we are.

Max: Good.

Liz: Why wouldn't we be?

Max: We really haven't been able to talk since that night.

Liz: Max, alot of people do alot of dumb things when they're drunk. Anyway I understand.

Max: And we're friends.

Liz: Yah. We're friends

Max: Just friends.

Liz: Yah. Max and Liz kiss... Liz has a vision.

Maria goes to the meet Michael on the bleachers.

Maria: Oh, Michael hi.

Michael: Hey.

Maria: Did you hear?

Michael: The Max-Liz thing with the flashes.

Maria: That Max and Liz have discovered some new sensation. It seems somewhat unlikely.

Michael: Extremely unlikely. Michael and Maria under bleachers kissing.

Maria: Michael.

Michael: What?

Maria: I can't believe it.

Michael: What.. what did you see?

Maria: I saw, a cluster of stars like shooting through space. This like incredible sunset like near the rings of Saturn. Did you see anything?

Michael: Yah I saw you, as a little girl. Trying to tie her shoe laces on her red sneakers.

Maria: You're kidding, the red sneakers?

Alex comes to see Isabel during lunch.

Alex: You ok?

Isabel: Mm hmm. Now I have that little piece of skin hanging down when the pizza's too hot.

Alex: Yah, well um.. speaking of hot, this whole Liz-Max thing. Well, I was just wondering you know, in the interest of science, kissing being purported to provoke these certain insights, I wanted to offer myself as a-- a human subject available for experimentation.

Isabel: It's not going to happen Alex.

Michael and Maria kissing.

Maria: Michael?

Michael: Uh huh.

Maria: This feels really good.

Michael: Uh huh.

Maria: These visions or flashes, or whatever... I'm not completely sure I've actually really had one.

Michael: What do you mean you're not completely sure.

Maria: Michael, I uh.. faked it ok?

Michael: Why would you tell me that.

Why? Because I want us to be close.

Michael: You think that makes us close.

Where are you going?

Michael: How do you expect me to react?

Like a person.. talk to me.

Michael: Yah, well I could act like a person but then I'd have to fake it.

Liz in the girls locker room. Maria tells her to look in the mirror. Max comes in through the back door.

Liz: Max!

Max: Liz.

Liz: What are you doing here?

Max: I just.. I wanted to see you.

Liz: Here?

Max: I had to know if something was real.

Liz: If what was real?

Max: Well, just like you've seen things. I've seen things. And one of those things. Looks at the shower.

Liz: You saw my fantasy?

Max: I had to know if.. what I saw was really from you. Or if it was just my imagination which it definately could've been.. except I've never been in the girl's locker room. And now that I see it.. it is the same room. I know I didn't make it up.

Liz: This is really horrible.

Max: No, Liz. It's incredible really.

Liz: This is not incredible.

Max: Wait please, listen, please. The main thing is.. I didn't just see what you saw, I felt what you felt when you saw me. And I never thought anyone could ever feel that way about me.

Isabel: That would mean each of us has this information in some part of us we're just not conscience of.

Michael: Or she's getting messages from somewhere or someone else?

Isabel: Nasedo?

Michael: I don't know. I mean why did she see the crash, the soldiers. Maybe it was all planned this way. That this is how we'd find out who we really are. By connecting with humans.

Isabel: Connecting?

Michael: The more they connect the more we find out.

Max: Uh, listen Liz is on her way over.

Isabel: Okay we'll leave.

Max: You guys don't have to leave.

Michael: Go for it Maxwell, for the good of all mankind, you lucky undeserving dog.

Max: Michael that's not what this is about for me.

Michael: Don't make me beg you to do what you and Liz obviously want to do anyways. I really don't see a problem with it.

Max: The problem is treating someone I care about like a thing. To be used.

Michael: What and that's what I'm about, is that what you're saying.

Max: The words are coming from your mouth Michael

Isabel: Okay you guys stop, enough.

Michael: Listen Maxwell, you are a sensitive guy. And you have available to you one of the top three seduction lines in history, with "It's going to help me find my home planet. And you're refusing to use it. No guy is that sensitive. Use it.

Isabel turns off lights, and snaps her fingers. Candles light up.

Michael: Nice.

Isabel: Mmm..


Liz: Hi

Michael: How's it going

Liz: Strange

Isabel: I'll bet

Michael: All right we're leaving now. But I've got some Chaka Khan cued up in the CD player.

Isabel: We're leaving, bye.

Liz: So you told 'em huh.

Max: Yah.

Liz: And now everyone's sort of just cheering you on like at a football game.

Episode 17: Crazy

FBI Agent Topolsky reappears in Roswell to warn the aliens she once tried to expose that they are in danger. To gain their trust she agrees to disclose top secret evidence, but it falls into the wrong hands when she is intercepted by her superiors.

Maria: Is that so hard?

Michael: What?

Maria: Acting like a real couple, kissing, arms around each other. Shoulders actually excited to see one another.

Michael: Overrated

Liz: Look, if we leave right now we can make the 7:35. I wanna go change.

Leave? we just got here.

Episode 18: Tess, Lies and Videotape

Tess tries to win the trust of the aliens by returning their mysterious orb.But when Michael finds a hidden surveilance camera in his apartment, he has Liz plant it in the home of Tess and her father.

Episode 19: Four-Square

Convinced that Tess is the shape shifting Nasedo and poses a dangerous threat to the safety of the aliens, Max angrily confronts her in the desert, but is stunned when she reveals the secret of her identity and the birthplace of all the aliens.

Episode 20: Max to the Max

Deciding that FBI agent Pierce must die, the shape-shifting alien Nasedo masquerades as Max and kidnaps Liz in order to trick Pierce. When Sheriff Valenti and the real Max follow Nasedo to rescue Liz, Max is finally captured by the FBI.

Episode 21: The White Room

Episode 22: Destiny

Max tells Liz everything he knows about Tess, including the fact that she may be his intended mate; Tess learns Nasedo might not have made it out of the military base. Elsewhere, Michael uses his powers in front of Sheriff Valenti.


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