Season 2: Episode 23-- Skin and Bones
Original air date: October 2, 2000.

with music by: Stone Temple Pilots "Sour Girl", 3 Door Down "Kryptonite", Bif Naked "Lucky", Richard Ashcroft "Brave New World".


The second season begins as a geologist finds the buried bones of Agent Pierce and brings them to Sheriff Valenti. The lawman then tries to cover up the case, but encounters interference from an eager Deputy Hanson. Meanwhile, Nasedo discredits the Special Unit during televised Congressional hearings.

Max in therapist's office.

Therapist: I feel as if you've buried something. Your parents are concerned about you Max. Deeply concerened. Max, I want you to know that however unique you think your problems may be, there are millions of teenagers out there going through exactly what you're going through right now. Let me assure you this is all normal teenage stuff. Can you try and tell me what's been going on?

Max: Well, I guess the natural place to start is.. that I'm an alien, a hybrid actually. You know human DNA mixed with alien DNA. That kinda thing. Oh I almost forgot, my sister Isabel and our friend Michael are also a little green around the gills. We didn't know where we came from, who sent us or why? For the past 10 years we've been aging much like humans, but clearly there are differences. From the beginning we had the instinct to keep this to ourselves, to hide in plain site, but one day last fall everything changed. [Max remembering saving Liz at the CrashDown] The six of us were connected by the secret we shared. There was also Tess a hybrid like us. Part human part alien. And then there was Nasedo who is a shapeshifter, which means he can take on any human form. A skill that can really come in handy since there are people out there who would do anything to find us. And if they found us, there was no limit to what they would do. Fortunately we used Nasedo's ablilities to infiltrate the Special Unit of the FBI. Of course, we had skills of our own. And as much as we tried to convince ourselves that we could live a normal life, we couldn't. To save our lives, Michael killed Agent Pierce of the FBI. And no matter how justified it was, the truth is.. we killed a man.. and that wasn't easy for any of us.

Therapist: Max? Max isn't there anything you want to say? Anything at all?

Max: It's like you said just normal teenage stuff.

Max & Maria talking in the backroom of the CrashDown

Maria: All right the shows over. I gotta change into my uniform, my shifts starting.

Max: Uh...

Maria: Girlfriend. Like I know we bonded over the summer but I am not quite ready to show you "the bod" just yet.

Max: No I was just wondering if you've heard from Liz yet.

Maria: Not since you asked me an hour ago, no.

Max: I heard you on the phone with her.

Maria: Max. A little advice. The girl goes off to some Aunt in Florida for the entire summer, and barely says goodbye to you, in layman's terms, she blew you off big time. I mean, and look at you. You're like a groveling dog. Have you heard from Liz today? Did Liz call? No, that's no good. Look, play it cool, all right? Let her come to you.

Max: Let her come to me?

Maria: Thats what I'd do.

Max: Wait, didn't you just tell me you left like 5 messages for Michael in the past two days?

Maria: What's your point?

Max talking to Isabel and sees Liz. He runs over to talk to her.

Max: Liz.

Liz: Hi... Max.

Max: Hi. So when'd you get back.

Liz: A couple of days ago, actually.

Max: Oh, thats odd, Maria said you were still away.

Liz: Yah, I know she did, I just wanted to get settled before..

Max: Yah, yah, I understand. Listen Liz I.. know how strange everything got before you left. But I think it's ok. No aliens have attacked, and Nasedos putting an end to the Special Unit as we speak. I think all of this can finally be over.

Liz: Oh I really hope that's true. For all of you.

Max: And I just want you to know about the whole Tess situation...

Liz: Oh, Max you know you ..

Max: Just that it's definately over. I don't have feelings for her. I've told her that. She understands. I know it's probably irrelevant at this point. Just for the record.

Liz: Right, you know I just want to get a fresh start. I've decided..

Max: Right, right. Anyways you look great.

Liz: Oh..

Max: Different.

Liz: Oh, I have a job interview actually.

Max: Oh, what about the CrashDown?

Liz: Well, this incredible opportunity came up sort of out of the...

CW: You must be Liz Parker.

Liz: Congresswoman Whittaker! It is so nice to meet you. You know you're a real hero to me.

CW: You don't need to suck up, really. My paid staff takes care of my enormous ego.

Liz: Oh, so there's not an actual salary?

CW: We have a lot to talk about. Hi.

Liz: I'm sorry this is Max Evans.

Max: Nice to meet you.

Nasedo as Pierce walks into the CrashDown Cafe.

Pierce: You can never find those little pod people when you want them.

Tourist: Hey! You're that guy from TV. Honey, get over here. It's that crazy FBI guy.

Pierce: Move please. [restrains himself from using his powers to kill him and walks past him]

Tourist: Hey! [Pierce walks into the bathroom, changes into Nasedo, walks out]

Nasedo: Excuse me.

Tourist: Honey? [goes into the backroom]

Nasedo: Sheriff Valenti. Welcome to the ever burgeoning "I know an alien club". You called me here I assume it's important.

Max: How much do you know Congresswoman Whitaker.

Nasedo: I know her intimately.

Tess: Intimately?

Nasedo: To borrow a rather crude human colloquialism, I've been diddling her all summer.

Maria: I hope he's using birth control.

Nasedo: I must admit I've grown awfully fond of the foul temptress. It's a shame I may now have to kill her.

Max: Well, Pierce's bones have been dug up. And apparently some of them have been fused in a way that is completely unexplainable by human terms.

Nasedo: Tell me how far this information has been leaked. I need to extinguish every human who has this information.

Alex: I'm gonna assume present company is excluded. [Liz is listening on the stairs]

Liz: Isn't murder what got you into this situation to begin with?

Nasedo: My job is to protect the Royal Four. Their survival is critical to the survival of an entire race.

Max: No one's gonna die. Killing people isn't gonna solve anything.

Nasedo: Oh my. A pacifist for a King. Shall we all just commit joint suicide right now or should we wait for our enemies to show up and have a nice box lunch of us.

Max: We're not killing anyone. That's an order.

Nasedo: As you wish. The FEDS know about Cadmium-X. If they find it on the bones, their first order of business will be to do to Michael what they did to you in the White Room.

Max: We can't let that happen.

Nasedo: Where are the bones now?

Valenti: Whitaker took them out of the coroner's office. I don't know where they are now.

Isabel: Even if we knew where they were what would we do with them? Hiding them isn't gonna solve the problem.

Max: I know what to do.

Sheriff Valenti visits Michael in the jail cell.

Valenti: We only have a couple of minutes to talk.

Michael: What's up?

Valenti: I just want to make sure you don't do anything, like use your powers to try to break outta here. The best thing to do right now is to sit tight.

Michael: You sound like Max.

Valenti: Look, I know it's hard for you to be locked up like this.

Michael: It's not that bad. I killed a man, maybe this is where I should be.

Valenti: Michael, you killed the man that killed Agent Topolsky, and killed Agent Stevens and who knows how many others and he was just about to kill me.

Michael: Yah, I told myself all those things, but I still killed a man. And the thing I keep thinking about is that what happened is just the tip of the iceberg. I've been trying to prepare myself for what's about to go down. And I have no idea what to do. I'm cracking rocks. I have no clue who or what we're up against. And I've been so pissed off at Max at not leading when he doesn't know any more than I do. None of us do. We are all in the dark waiting to be attacked. And all I think about is .. what if I'm not strong enough?

Everyone is at the CrashDown cafe reflecting about what happened. Maria talks to Michael alone.

Maria: So I hear ex-cons are really great in bed.

Michael: I thought we agreed that it was over between us.

Maria: You agreed. And then you avoided me the entire summer.

Michael: Well, it is.

Maria: Why because you're destined to be with Isabel?

Michael: No I don't buy that. Because I'm destined to be this soldier. And a soldier can't have some chick waiting at home for them.

Maria: Michael.. Half of the movies ever made are about soldiers with chicks waiting at home for them.

Michael: Well, be that as it may.

Maria: I miss you Michael.

Michael: I know, but don't.

Max is leaving the CrashDown and Liz is coming in.

Liz: Hey.

Max: Hey. Let me ask you a question. I know what you said, that things couldn't go back the way they were. But pretend they could, for just one second, could you and I go back to?

Liz: I can't pretend Max. [Max touches Liz arms and she flashes the times they were together]

Max: What?

Liz: Nothing. Good night.

Max: Good night Liz.

Season 2: Episode 24-- Ask Not
Original air date: October 9, 2000.

with music by:  Amanda Ghost "Idol", The Dandy Warhols, Tarsha Vega "Be Ya Self", Trinket.

Max struggles with his new role as the sole leader of the alien quartet. Michael aggravates the situation by questioning Max's plan, which calls for them to “try to blend in.” Meanwhile, Kyle returns home from football camp with a new attitude, and Max discovers that Milton has left the UFO Center.

Kyle comes home from football camp, and is waiting for his father at the bus stop.

SV: Hey!

Kyle: Hey.

SV: Welcome home, son. I'm sorry I'm late.

Kyle: It's all right.

SV: How was football camp?

Kyle: It was great. It was great. You know you're 2 hours late.

SV: Yah, I know, I know. You came back at kinda a tough time, Kyle.You remember I told you about the man who was protecting Tess?

Kyle: Yah, Noriega.

SV: Nacedo.

Kyle: Yah.

SV: He was killed last night, by another alien.

Kyle: My strength fails, my vitality exhausted. I cannot find the bull. I only hear the locusts chirring through the night.

SV: What?

Kyle: Nothing.

SV: You ok?

Kyle: Yah, I'm just uh.. I'm just uh, not looking forward to dealing with all the little green men again.

SV: Well, listen, maybe you should cut 'em a little slack huh? I mean after all, Max Evans did save your life.

Kyle: Damn human of him. Of course he is the reason I got shot in the first place. But what the hell, no conditions are permanent, no conditions are reliable, nothing is self.

Sheriff Valenti looks confused.

Maria and Liz are in her car, driving home.

Maria: It is just a matter of time before you weaken.

Liz: Thank you.

Maria: It's not a dig, it's just a fact. You are in love with him. You can't live without him and you're gonna get back together with him.

Liz: No, that's not true. I walked away. From him and her, and the entire situation.

Maria: Her? There is no her. Max doesn't care about Tess. He's never gonna care about Tess. The only thing he's interested in is... oh God! [Max & Tess walk by]Liz...

Liz: Maria whatever you're about to say ... just don't.

Maria & Liz are at the Congresswoman's office.

Maria: Hey, I think I know why Max and Tess were you know, together last night. He was just playing bodyguard. He was walking her home in case the uh.. killer was following her.

Liz: You know you don't have to make excuses for him.

Maria: Who's making excuses? I'm trying to help him, help you. You know help the situation.

Liz: Did he send you here?

Maria: No.

Liz: He did, didn't he?

Maria: Not this time. I mean no-- no of course not.

Liz: Maria, I thought that you were my friend.

Maria: This is so unfair. I care about you both. I just want you guys to be happy and together.

Liz: Maria will you do me a favor? Will you keep your big fat nose out of this?

Maria: Message received. Man!

Liz: Look I have a lot of work to do so... [points to the door] just..

Maria: Fine, fine. You weren't -- you weren't serious about the big fat nose.

Liz: Goodbye.

Maria: Bye.

Tess on Kyle's bed, flipping through one of his magazines. Kyle walks in.

Kyle: Hey, this is my room and that's my jersey.

Tess: Sorry.

Kyle: No, all right look, you.. wear it.

Tess: Kinda uptight about nudity aren't you? For a guy who reads 'Jugs'.

Kyle: Give me that!

Tess: Oh the post its? Nice touch.

Kyle: All right. Ok, listen. I don't know how you do things on planet Vulcan or whatever. But here on Earth we have this primitive human concept called privacy.

Tess: Keep talking like that and I'll slag you with my deathray eyes. Kidding. You buddhists have like no sense of humor.

Kyle: [closes bedroom door]How do you know about that?

Tess: 'Buddhism for Beginners' is also under your bed. How do you think the Buddah would feel being sandwiched between 'Hustler' and 'Busty Biker Babes'.

Kyle: Look you can't tell anyone about that.

Tess: Why?

Kyle: Because I have a certain reputation.

Tess: The less said the better.

Kyle: I'm serious.

Tess: Kyle Valenti, Buddhist.

Kyle: I got into it over the summer.

Tess: Ah football camp, they're crazy about..

Kyle: Listen, this whole "alien's are among us" thing, it really screwed me up. Made me question stuff. Life, reality, my place in this universe. And you don't understand.. you guys.. you people turned my life upside down. I need a little clarity, a little piece of mind.

Tess: No, I don't understand. I'm a girl from another planet. No family, no friends. Only 3 other people like me in the world. And the man I grew up with, the man who raised me? He was just murdered. You're right, Kyle. What would I know about needing piece of mind.

Kyle: Sorry.

Max talking to Maria about the fate of the world.

Max: How did he know? How did Kennedy know to be tough with the Russians early but later hang back and play it safe? Even after they shot down the U-2?

Maria: I don't know.

Max: I don't either and that's the problem. I'm supposed to be this great leader but I don't know how to make these kinds of decisions. I dont' have that kind of insight. How am I supposed to know the right course of action?

Maria: I have a thought. What are you talking about? Here you are giving me this history lesson and you haven't even told me what the hell's going on, Max.

Max: I know I'm sorry. I'm just trying to figure out how...

Maria: Yes, yes you're trying to figure out how to be a leader. All right, heres a little insight. JFK, he's not so great. He cheated on his wife, with tramps. Ohhh.. now there's something you and Jack have in common, you're both involved with tramps. How is Tess by the way.

Max: I'm not involved with Tess.

Maria: Just taking midnight strolls with her?

Max: You saw us?

Maria: Yah, we saw you. As in Liz and I saw you together. Looked like a pretty romantic evening to me. Maybe a little patty-cake on the front porch before you said goodnight.

Max: No, it's.. It's a long story.

Maria: Oh well, I certainly don't wanna hear another long story unless theres a Kennedy involved.

Max: I love Liz.

Maria: I know you love Liz, Max. You've been telling me that the entire summer. But now that she's back I'm the one that's doing all the work here.

Max: What am I supposed to do?

Maria: I don't know. Do something. Show her how you feel and please.. please do it now. Look I'm sorry I know you're dealing with this Roswell Missile Crisis or something. Just try and follow your heart. I mean isn't that what the great leaders always do.

Max, Michael and Isabel go to the UFO Center to kill Brody. Only Max goes in the room.

Max: What are you doing in Roswell?

Brody: Is this one of those disgruntled ex-employee shows up late at night to kill his boss stories.

Max: I'd hate for it to turn into that. Why won't you answer my question?

Brody: Because I'm not here to answer your questions.

Max: No, you're here because of what happened on May 14.

Brody: How do you know about May 14?

Max: It's all over your files.

Brody: You rehearsed that answer. You're here because of this.

Max: You're one of us aren't you.

Brody: That's right. I suspected we were alike. But I wasn't sure.

Max: Why are you here? What do you want?

Brody: What we all want. To re-establish contact, maybe even go back. Will you let go of me now? Do you remember what happened?

Max: Not entirely.

Brody: Me neither. Two years of recovered memory therapy and still the only thing I can remember about my abduction is the color of the walls, the smell of burnt hair.

Max: Abduction?

Brody: Yah I know I hate the word too. I mean you can tell people you've seen the Vigin Mary, and they'll light candles outside your bathroom, but you tell 'em you've been abducted by aliens and they'll write you off as a lunatic. It happened to me seven years ago. I was driving my car down the Massachusettes turnpike and before you know it I'm in the room and they're doing something to me, and then I'm back in my car, and 2 days have gone by. And I'm in West Virginia. I would have written the entire thing off as an acid flashback. Then my doctor told me the cancer was gone. It was bone marrow, terminal a year to live and poof it's gone.

Max: And you're trying to re-establish contact with the aliens?

Brody: I have to.

Max: What about that?

Brody: That I bought -- I dunno 3 years ago from some guy who deals in supposed alien artifacts. I thought it was a piece of junk and then on May 14th that thing just came to life. It sent out this pulse. I hired a team had them check the entire Radio Telescope Network for anything unusual and they found something. A signal Max. A strange high-energy microwave signal. And it corresponded exactly with what I saw. And you know where this signal came from?

Max: Roswell.

Brody: Exactly. Do you know what this means Max? Aliens. I mean not like they're walking among us or anything stupid like that. But they're actually making contact with people in Roswell. Now what do you think about that? So what about you Max, what's your abduction story.

Liz walks into the CrashDown and she sees Tess with Max, Alex and Isabel.

Max: I need to talk to you.

Liz: Max I need to talk to Maria..

Max: You need to hear this.

Liz: Maria tried to explain to me about you and Tess the other night, ok?

Max: This isn't about Tess. This is about you and me. You think I'm gonna forget about you or get over it or something. But I'm not. I don't care about my destiny, or my planet, or anything else. All I care about is you. So just know this.. I'm coming for you Liz.

Maria: Now that is a great man.

Season 2: Episode 25-- Surprise
Original air date: October 16, 2000.

with music by: "Boom" by Trinket, Fishbone.

Isabel's friends throw her a surprise birthday party at the Crashdown Cafe, but a mysterious headache and hallucinations of Tess in jeopardy grip the alien teen during the festivities. Meanwhile, Liz discovers that Congresswoman Whitaker has been recording Liz's personal phone calls at work.

Isabel comes out of the bathroom

Isabel: Listening to my private conversations?

Max: Why are you calling him? He just left.

Isabel: Um.. I was just leaving him a message to thank him for the flowers.

Max: You already thanked him.

Isabel: Yah, and you guys made him feel really welcome.

Max: He wasn't invited.

Isabel: I invited him, before I ever knew there was a party.

Max: Don't do it again.

Isabel: Excuse me? Are you forbidding me?

Max: You can't let anyone new in. It's too dangerous.

Isabel: Like it was too dangerous to let Liz Parker in.

Max: [A hurt and wounded look] That's different.

Isabel: Yah, it was. You wanna know how? Because I can date someone and keep my mouth shut at the same time you couldn't.

Max: That was the past. We've got to think about the future. The one our mother talked about.

Isabel: Right, right, the King. I'm sorry how could I forget? All I know is Max, you may be the King, but I am not bowing down to you, not in this lifetime.

Maria comes in

Maria: Isabel you better come out. Theres a policeman here to see you.

Isabel: A policeman? What's going on?

Maria: He's asking for you.

Max: You better go.

Isabel walks to the front and Alex is dressed as a policeman and does a strip show. It is stopped when Isabel's mother comes in.

In the backroom, Michael baked a cake for Isabel and the waitress comes in.

Waitress: So what's a chick gotta do to get a cake out of a guy like you.

Michael: Nothing you could handle.

Waitress:That's too bad. You gonna frost it or what?

Michael: Yah, I'm gonna frost it.

Maria: How's the cake coming?

Waitress: It's coming.

Michael: Maybe you should finish it. [leaves]

Maria: Michael.. taken or haven't you noticed?

Waitress: I noticed he didn't make this cake for you.

Maria: It's not my birthday.

Waitress: Small detail.

Alex yelling at Maria but Maria not really noticing because she's talking to the waitress.

Alex: You know, I can't believe I let you talk me into that.

Maria: Me and Michael go waaayy back.

Alex: I mean that was the most humiliating experience of my life. No one told me that parents were going to be here.

Waitress: So what you sewed your name on the back of his jeans?

Maria: You'll never find out.

Alex: I did a strip tease in front of her mother. You know, are you listening to me?

Maria: One nipple does not constitute a strip tease, Alex.

Alex: She saw my nipple? Oh God..

Waitress: Chill out NYPD Blue.

Alex: Chill out? I spent $150 to rent this costume. And do you have any idea how it feels like to walk around all day with a thong up her ass?

Both: Yes. [Alex quiet]

Max pulls Michael away from talking to Kyle.

Max: I need to talk to you.

Michael: We have nothing to talk about.

Max: I need you to back me up on something.

Michael: You make decisions without asking my opinion, and now you expect me to back you up?

Max: I think Isabel is getting serious with that Sorensen guy.

Michael to Isabel: He gave you an order.

Isabel: I don't take orders from Max.

Michael: Well he's our leader. He's right.

Isabel: Since when? You two are barely speaking and when you do talk you don't even agree.

Michael: Well we agree on this.

Isabel: I bet you do.

Michael: What's that supposed to mean?

Isabel: Am I supposed to be alone for the rest of my life?

Michael: Isabel you are not alone.

Isabel: Not even talk to other guys?

Michael: Works for me.

Isabel: Ha, I don't think so

Michael: Isabel you do NOT belong with him.

Isabel: No, I belong with you. But I don't think either of us wants to think about that too much.

Liz covering for Isabel who left to find Tess.

Liz: C'mon. Someone answer the phone, anyone?

Mrs. Evans: Liz, have you seen Isabel?

Liz: Isabel? She uh, spilled punch on her dress.

Mrs. Evans: Oh my.

Liz: She had to leave because she had to take care of it. It was upsetting her.

Mrs. Evans: Sometimes honey, if one hair is out of place, she won't leave the house.

Isabel finds Tess, goes into a room and locks the door. There is light from the door, the locks, unlocks and the door opens to reveal....

Isabel: It's you. [Congresswoman Whittaker stares at Isabel] What?

CW: You. Coming here like this. I see my mistake. It wasn't her I was looking for.

Isabel: Then why did you take her?

CW: I thought she was you. But neither of you looks like you did in the other life. I knew I needed one of the female hybrids it was a 50/50 chance.

Isabel: What is it you want from us?

CW: Where's the granilith?

Isabel: The what?

CW: The granilith. Don't pretend you don't know, we've been looking for it. We can't exist here, not in our natural state we don't have the DNA. All we have are these skins. Our limit is 50 years, my time is almost up. I need to find the granilith if it's the last thing I do.

Isabel: I don't know what you're talking about.

CW: You're hiding it, the four of you. The royalty they tried to save by sending you here. You're going to help us.

Isabel: Never.

CW: You did before, you will again.

Isabel: You killed Nasedo didn't you?

CW: To save you.

Isabel: From what?

CW: The other three. You belong with us, our race. We're in charge now. Your kind doesn't rule anymore.

Isabel: I'm not one of you.

CW: You don't remember, do you? Let me give you a piece of history about your planet. Your name was Vilandra. And you were beautiful, even more beautiful than you are now. You had a great love. And for him, for us, you betrayed your brother, your race. You sacrificed him, you sacrificed everyone, even yourself. And history my dear always repeats itself.

Isabel: God, you liar, I'm leaving.

Season 2: Episode 26-- Summer of '47
Original air date: October 23, 2000.

with music by: "Free" by Vast, Mest

Michael needs to do extra credit work for history class and interviews a Lieutenant that was there when the "weather balloon" hit. Travel back 50 years to hear what happened from Captain Hal Carver.

I thought Brendan did a great job in this eppy. I also like the way his character changed from the beginning (he was mean to Maria, Liz and Carver) then he was nice, apologized, even to Maria. Everyone was great in this eppy but I think Brendan was awesome. Especially the end when he helped Carver by showing him what it was he did it for. Great episode!

Jason Behr as Richard Dodie
Brendan Fehr as Captain Hal Carver
Majandra Delfino as reporter Betty Osorio
Katherine Heigl as Rosemary
Shiri Appleby as nurse Yvonne White
Emilie de Raven as Dixie
Colin Hanks as Captain Sheridan Cavitt "Mr. Brain"
William Sadler as Colonel James Cassidy
Nick Weschler as Deputy Valenti (his grandfather)

Max and Michael are walking at school.

Max: After ninth period we'll go back.

Michael: Way to prioritize, Maxwell.

Maria: Hey, new gel? So Portishead tickets went on sale this morning. Did you get my messages?

Michael: Yah. [walks away]

Max: Nice.

Michael: Hey our agenda involves the four of us. There is no time for distractions.

Liz: Oh Max, I don't know what to do. Calls keep on coming into Congresswoman Whittaker's office. Should I return them or..

Michael: Not now.

Liz: We'll talk in trig.

Max: You know, mean people suck.

Captain Carver finishes telling Michael about when he was at the site of the crash and given orders to drive a truck to a certain location.

Michael: I know the rest, the Feds made Marcel the scapegoat, blamed the crash on the weather balloon, and it was all Cavitt's idea if I remember correctly.

Carver: That pencil neck, where'd you hear that.

Michael: I've been reading UFO magazines since I was 8.

Carver: So you want to believe.

Michael: You shouldn't smoke.

Carver: Look kid. My doctor said it doesn't make any difference what I do.

Michael: Is that why you're back here?

Carver: War has a tendency to create an incredible bond between men. And you know some of my best days of my life were spent right here on this base along side the boys of the 509th. So I guess this is just my last chance to say goodbye.

Michael: [watching a member of the 509th putting on his jacket]Do you still fit into yours?

Carver: The longer I sit here, the harder it is to think I could put one on.

Micheal: Why is that?

Carver: Because everything I believed that uniform stood for died in '47. Hey. [throws Michael the "infamous" metal that returns to normal] A little something from way back when.

Michael and Carver at the CrashDown and Maria comes to serve them.

Maria: Would you like some fries with that shake?

Carver: Give me another one sweet cheeks.

Maria: That'll be your third banana split sir.

Michael: What are you the dairy police? We're in the middle of a story here.

Maria: Hey I'm not the one sitting next to an ancient gastrointestinal tract pally.

Michael goes to ask Maria for her car.

Michael: I need a favor.

Maria: First off phone protocol works like this. Ready? Messanger leaves message then messengee calls back unless messengee is deathly ill, grounded or just a jerk.

Michael: Look I came in here..

Maria: I would like to think that I've been patient. The epitomy of restraint. But for God's sake Michael she's not even a real blonde.

Michael: Who?

Maria: Let me set the scene for you all right? You, Courtney, the dark alley back there. Me, controlling the urge to spew.

Michael: Look this whole jealousy thing is getting a little tired. Just accept the fact that I'm an alien and you're a human. Our lives do not mix.

Maria: Well you made an exception for bottle job and old man river out there.

Michael: That man out there knows stuff about the '47 crash. All right stuff specific to me. So I want to take him around, to jog his memory and to do that I need the jetta.

Maria: I'm sorry. When humans need rides they take jettas. And when aliens need rides they take spaceships. Oh! Find one!

Michael: Maria, hanging out with this guy is gonna help him a lot more than it's gonna help me. Can't you just make an old guy's day?

Maria: You know what? I'm only doing this because I forever regretted not saying goodbye to Breepa DeLuca before he died.

Michael: Put lunch on my tab and don't forget the senior's discount.

Maria: Jerk!

Michael and Carver are out in the desert talking.

Carver: [shooting at bottles] Wanna try?

Michael: What did you see? What were in those sacs?

Carver: I never planned on telling this much of the story kid. Never had.

Michael: Please.

Carver: They looked like human fetuses. There was four to a sac, eight total. That night, I packed my things and never came back. The base was on full alert there was no way anybody or anything else could have escaped. And that's the story of Hal Carver. The only time I ever stuck my neck out to save anything.. and it all went to hell. [tries to light cigarette]

Michael: [uses power to shatter the remaining glasses] You saved me. [Michael uses his finger as a lighter]

Carver hugs Michael.

Liz at her locker and Michael walks up.

Michael: Have you seen Max?

Liz: [smiling] Oh Michael... [serious] Um, no, he said something about stopping by the CrashDown later. [going back to her business]

Michael: You ok?

Liz: Me yah, sure.. why?

Michael: Well the whole Congresswoman Whittaker thing. We'll work it out.

Liz: Yah I know.

Michael: And uh.. and this morning.. Yah, I'm sorry.

Liz: Thank you. Did Max ask you to do that?

Michael: What?

Liz: The whole being nice thing.

Michael: No, I came up with it myself.

Liz: I like it.

Michael takes Maria to the granilith.

Michael: Meet the reason I haven't been returning your phone calls.

Maria: My God. What is it?

Michael: I don't know. But eventually I hope we can find out.

Maria: "We"? You didn't even choke on that.

Michael: Well, today I had a little history lesson. And here's the thing. I owe more to you than I can imagine, to Liz, Alex, Valenti.. and some old guy named Hal who lives in Tampa and plays shuffle board. I never realized it. So here it is.. [holds out hands] Thank you.

Maria: You're welcome. What's wrong?

Michael: You know those pods that housed Max, Isabel, Tess and me.

Maria: Yah, before you were born?

Michael: Well, there's another set of them, and they're somewhere out there.

Season 2: Episode 27-- the End of the World
Original air date: October 30, 2000.

with music by: Sheryl Crow "I Shall Believe"

Max (Jason Behr) travels back in time to the present to tell Liz (Shiri Appleby) that their relationship will jeopardize the very future of his planet, so they devise a plan to change the fate of the aliens by betraying Present Day Max in a way he will never forget.

[2014 A.D. Minutes before the fall] Max & Liz run into the room with the granilith.

Future Max: I won't leave you.

Future Liz: No, no , no Max, you have to.

Future Max: If I'm successful, if I can do this, you and I won't exist. Not like we do now.

Future Liz: Look, Max if you don't do this, we're going to die, everyone will. Max, you have to do this, you have to try it.

Future Max: I'll never see you again. Thank you.

Future Liz: For what?

Future Max: For every kiss, every smile.

Future Liz: Max, I don't have any regrets.

Future Max: [puts a crystal in the granilith & disappears]

Future Liz: Ma-- Max!

[Hondo, New Mexico -- the present]

Liz: I'm so confused.

Alex: I'm so depressed.

Maria: Wimps.

Liz: Max, keeps coming to my window and telling me he wants to be with me again. But I know it can never work out.

Alex: Isabel, she gave me another one of those, "Alex you're such a great friend speeches" it made me wanna puke.

Maria: I have Michael Guerin, he's mine! You should have seen his face when he apologized to me. His eyes were practically begging me to take his sorry ass back. I have so landed him for once and for all.. I think.

Liz: Where are you taking us anyway?

Maria: Mmm. To a place where all of our questions will finally be answered. She'll tell us where our future lies with our hybrid freaks.

[Liz's future from Madame Vivian]

Madame Vivian: I've never seen the cards.. fall like this before. The boy.. he's different.

Liz: Yah.

Madame Vivian: He's very important, this boy.. a leader.

Liz: Yah, he has this whole other destiny. One that doesn't include me.

Madame Vivian: No, he chooses love.

Liz: What?

Madame Vivian: He chooses you.

Liz: No, no, no, see that's impossible.

Madame Vivian: The reading is clear. You marry your true love. You have happiness. The card here, intimacy, sex. You will not be left wanting.

[Liz at home.. standing in the mirror.. with the curtain on her head like a vail]

Liz: I, Liz Parker, take Max Evans to be my... [strange lightning from outside and legs at her window to reveal Future Max]

FM: Liz.

Liz: Max. No, I don't know who you are but you.. you're not Max.

FM: Liz I know this is all hard to believe.

Liz: What do you expect me to believe that the granilith is some sort of time machine.

FM: It wasn't intended to be but it does have an enormous amount of power and we were able to modify it to artificially create a tear in time space.

Liz: No, there is no such thing as time travel, ok. Because it is against every rule of physics, of reality, of everything.

FM: I realize this is overwhelming.

Liz: No, you're not Max. You're like a shapeshifter, you're like some other alien with like the ability to look like Max, with that beard, and those grey hairs.

FM: Do you really see grey?

Liz: This isn't funny ok?

FM: Hold on.

Liz: No, let go of me.

FM: Liz, it's me.

Liz: Please just let go of me.

FM: If I were a shapeshifter there is no way I could tell the future. In approximately 10 seconds I will show up outside your window and being singing to you. Accompanied by a mariachi band.

Liz: A mariachi band? Max would never do anything that cheesy.

FM: 3, 2, 1... [nothing happens]

Liz: Well?

FM: I said approximately. [mariachi band plays] I spent a week learning the lyrics from Mr. Delgado at the hardware store.

Liz: [goes outside to find present day Max there singing in spanish.]

[Future Max and Liz are talking in her bedroom]

FM: Liz what's about to happen over the next few days is critical to the history of this planet. Things between us are about to change.. grow deeper, we become inseparable. And nothing comes between us ever again until the..

Liz: The end of the world..

FM: Thats right.

Liz: What happened?

FM: The closer that you and I grew, the worse it got with Tess. And eventually she left Roswell.

Liz: Because of me?

FM: Because of me, and how I treated her. And it turned out Tess was critical to our survival. The four of us, Michael, Isabel, Tess and I. We made a complete unit. We all had different gifts. And with one of us missing we weren't as strong. Everything fell apart.

Liz: So um... you want me to help you and Tess get together.

FM: Yes.

Liz: Why don't you just go to Tess?

FM: It's you I trust. It's you I have faith in. And because it's not just about getting me close to Tess. I need you to help me fall out of love with you.

[Liz and Future Max looking through binoculars at Tess. Max walks by.]

FM: You got him to sit down with her.

Liz: Rah rah. .. what?

FM: Nothing. It's just, seeing you at 17 again is making it all come flooding back to me. How my stomach used to rumble everytime I saw you.

Liz: So, um.. did we get married?

FM: Liz you know I can't.

Liz: You.. I know. You can't talk about it. I'm sorry I know.

FM: We eloped. We were 19.

Liz: We were 19. Wow.. that is so young. That is too young.

FM: That's what I said. But you said Romeo and Juliet were even younger than us. So we drove to Vegas, got married at the Elvis Chapel [Max mimicking Elvis] Congratulations kids.

Liz: So we didn't have a real wedding.

FM: Oh, we had a great wedding. You called Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex and had them meet us halfway. We spent the whole night singing and dancing in some dive outside Phoenix. And at the end of the night 'I Shall Believe' came on the radio.

Liz: I love that song.

FM: I know. Everyone else was exhausted. But not us. Oh, we danced just the two of us. And ever since then it's been our song.

Liz: If this works, I'm not gonna have that day.

FM: No, you won't.

Liz: Then what happens to you if we succeed. I mean you-- the future version of you.

FM: If we succeed in changing history a different version of the future will take place. All the events that led to who I am 14 years from now will be different. The man I am now, will cease to exist.

[Max sees Liz across the street and goes over]

Liz: Max.

Max: Were you watching?

Liz: Um..

Max: So it was all a setup.

Liz: Yah.

Max: You tried to get Tess and me together.

Liz: Look I know that you must hate me right now.. [Max kisses Liz and has visions]

Max: I felt that. And I know you did too. And I know you think that I need to let you go. For the sake of Michael and Isabel and my race, so you went to Tess. But she can't be you. Tess can never be you.

Liz: Max, we have to stop this. We have to, I am telling you we have to.

Max: Go out with me on Friday. There's a Gomez concert in Santa Fe. I have tickets.

Liz: No Max I can never go out with you ever again. Please stop doing this.

Max: I can't.

[Future Max and Liz back at her place]

FM: You're supposed to be breaking up with him, not kissing him.

Liz: You kissed me. I mean he kissed me.

FM: You're only making me love you more.

Liz: I just said no to Gomez.

FM: You said no the last time too. I didn't take no for an answer.

Liz: So we went to the concert.

FM: No. The night of Gomez, I came to your room. That's the night things between us were cemented.

Liz: Cemented? So when you say cemented you...

FM: We made love.

Liz: No, no we didn't.

FM: Liz..

Liz: No, I have no intention of making love to you or anyone else at this particular stage in my life.

FM: I beg to differ.

Liz: No, making love to you is the farthest thing from my mind. I don't even have protection.

FM: I did.

Liz: Oh. That's great. Here you are Max the saint just walking around with a condom in his back pocket. I don't even care what happened in your reality, I am not making love to you or anyone until I am ready.. and I am just not ready.

FM: Liz I am telling you what happened. And we have to change that. We have to. And so far, we've failed. Liz, it's not just Max that's the problem here .. you are. You are not letting yourself change. Now you have to do something before it's too late.

[Liz goes to Max's house and Max has no shirt!!]

Max: Well this is a surprise.

Liz: This isn't what you think. [comes in window] No, I can do it. Can you.. umm, put a shirt on please? Thank you.

Max: Liz.

Liz: Don't say anything ok. Because I came in here with this whole speech and once you start talking my speech doesn't apply and everything gets changed and I just wanna make sure I say everything to you. Just don't say anything.

Max: Um..

Liz: Just don't say anything. I just re-read Romeo and Juliet and the first thing I realized is that isn't even the title. It's called the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. They die. You know she's this young girl, she's younger than me and she dies. Look I think the reason people think it's such a romantic play is they don't know what it's like to be put in that position. But when your life and other peoples lives are put at risk there isn't anything romantic about it. Max, you can't stop what's happening to you. I mean your life will always be dangerous. But my life it doesn't have to be. My life is only in danger if I am with you. I -- I want to be in love with boys... normal boys. I want to see my 21st birthday. I wanna have a wedding day. I wanna have children, and I want my children to be safe. You know Max, cause if you truly love me you'll let me go. I may love you.. but I don't wanna die for you.

[Liz and Future Max at her house.]

Liz: [crying]

FM: [trying to get her a kleenex, his hand goes right through the box]

Liz: What--what's happening.

FM: This must be it. What you did must've worked. I'm leaving.

Liz: What, so you're just.. you're going back to where you came from?

FM: No, there's nowhere to go back to. [He's still there] It didn't work. We have to do something else.

Liz: No, I -- I can't.

FM: You have to.

Liz: Do you know how hard it was for me to tell him I didn't want to die for him. He's the only reason I'm alive right now. You have to come up with another plan. Please go to someone else. I just I can't do this anymore.

FM: Liz, 25 minutes before I came here, I held Michael in my arms, dead. Isabel died 2 weeks before that. Now you have to do this. You have to find a way. All of our lives depend on it.

Liz: How? What can I do that's going to make you turn away from me?

FM: I don't know.

[Liz asks Kyle to help her.]

Kyle: So, we haven't really uh.. talked much lately.

Liz: Yah, how's it going?

Kyle: Not bad I found Buddah.

FM: I don't think this is a good plan.

Liz: What are you talking about?

FM: You really think this is going to work? I would never be jealous of Kyle.

Liz: Could you turn around? [to Kyle] So that's like meditation right? Incense that sort of thing.

Kyle: It's really about approaching life from a spiritual place and becoming in tune with different planes of existence.

FM: What a line of crap.

Kyle: Am I taking my boxers off?

Liz: No, undergarments stay on.

Kyle: Right.

FM: If he tries anything.

Liz: I've got it under control.. please stay out of earshot. [Liz goes out with a towel on]

Kyle: Well, this brings back memories.

Liz: Kyle we were never in bed together.

Kyle: What? No, I'm talking about the towel. The Y pool the summer before last.

Liz: Yah.

Kyle: Liz, I want you to know that I uh.. I've meditated on this entire situation and I'm at peace with it.

Liz: Oh uh.. that's great.

[Michael at home watching the game and Alex knocks on door]

Michael: What's up?

Alex: Nothing, nothing at all.

Michael: Well I was kinda watching the game so if you've got something on your mind.

Alex: [turns off tv] Do you have any idea what you've done to Maria?

Michael: Dude, it was a misunderstanding.

Alex: Look I don't care that you've got 30 pounds on me. Or that you can kill me with some twisted alien power I will not let you treat her like that. I don't care that Isabel treats me like crap but no one does that to Maria. She's not just some girl.

Michael: Look you gotta believe me I have nothing..

Courtney: Knock knock.

Alex: [punches Michael]

Michael: You realize you just risked your life?

Alex: Yah.

Michael: You're a really good friend man.

Alex: Call me that again and I'll really kick your ass.

[Kyle and Liz in bed]

Kyle: So Evans must have really pissed you off to get you to resort to something like this.

Liz: I told you I don't really want to talk about why I'm doing this.

Kyle: Gee, I figure since I'm giving you my last shred of dignity.

Liz: I really I can't.

Kyle: So we have something in common.

Liz: Yah what's that.

Kyle: We're the only 2 people I know of who have died and were brought back by an alien.

Liz: Yah you're right.

Kyle: Do you feel different?

Liz: Yah. Kyle, when he healed you, umm.. did did you see things?

Kyle: See things?

Liz: Flashes, images..

Kyle: No. But since he healed me I keep getting flashes of Max Evans naked.

Liz: [laughing]

Kyle: Feels good to make you laugh again.

Liz: It feels like this is the first time we've talked... since

Kyle: Feels good to do that again.

Liz: Yah it does feel good. [Max standing outside Liz's window with flowers. A hurt look and he's gone.]

Kyle: Well, I guess it worked.

[Future Max and Liz talking outside]

FM: I've fought a thousand battles, but watching you do that was the hardest thing I ever had to do.

Liz: The look on his face, on your face.

FM: Maybe it's for the best. For you, too.

Liz: What are you talking about?

FM: I saw you with Kyle. He's turning out to be a great guy. Maybe it would be better for you to be with a human.

Liz: Don't you know what you are to me? You're the love of me life. Everyone else is gonna be second best. There'll never be another you. So Max and Tess are going to be together now?

FM: I don't know. I don't know anything now. This is a different world.

Liz: I'm going to be alone.

FM: Maybe.. maybe not. From now on, the future is to be determined. It's what I've always said to you. We create our own destiny.

Liz: Could you dance with me?

FM: What?

Liz: I want to have my wedding dance. [I Shall Believe plays... FM disappears]

Season 2: Episode 28-- the Harvest
Original air date: November 6, 2000.

with music by: Cleopatra

Max and the gang decide to investigate Congresswoman Whitaker's hometown in Arizona when the news suspiciously reports on her death. When they arrive, they discover the town to be the core for the "Skins" manufacturing center.

Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Tess in a classroom discussing Courtney.

Michael: I knew there was something wrong about her even before I found her picture in Whitaker's office.

Max: Where is Courtney now?

Michael: I dunno she went out the window. I tried chasing her but...

Maria: [sarcastically] But it's hard to run with your pants around your ankles?

Tess: Settle the personal crap on your own time. If Courtneys a Skin it means she was working with Whitaker.

Isabel: You're right. There is no way two Skins would just happen to be in Roswell at the same time. They were working together which means Courtney knows everything about us.

Michael: Maxwell are we disturbing you?

Tess: Leave him alone he's had a rough night.

Micheal: Really? Is it something you would like to share with the class?

Max: No.

Liz driving car to Copper Summit. Everyone is sleeping except Max and Liz.

Liz: I'm - I'm ok up here. If you want to get some sleep.

Max: I haven't slept since I saw you with Kyle. Liz, I know you, and I don't believe you would do that to me. It doesn't make sense. Tell me what happened.

Liz and Tess talking in car.

Tess: So... you and Kyle.

Liz: Yeah. Oh, Kyle he told me that you two were getting involved.

Tess: It's ok, don't worry about it.

Liz: I'm sorry.

Tess: About what? All you did was sleep with him. How was he anyway?

Liz: Oh I um.. we.. It was great.

Tess: Noted.

Michael and Maria watching Courtney's hideout.

Maria: This isn't going to work. Shes not gonna just stroll up to her hideout while we're sitting here watching her.

Michael: This was your idea.

Maria: That's not the way I remember it.

Michael: Ok, so now it's my fault.

Maria: Yes, you know what? Just to make things simpler, from now on you should consider everything to be your fault ok? Ok.

Michael: Well I know one way to make the time go faster.

Maria: Funny.

Michael: I know.

Maria: But if we can talk reality here for a second, I think she booked out of town.

Michael: No, no she wouldn't do that, she's obsessed with me.

Maria: Well, that makes two of you thendoesn't it?

Michael: She'll show up sooner or later.

Courtney: [sneaks up behind them]How about sooner. Woah hey, truce.

Michael: [holds his hands up] Don't move.

Courtney: Don't worry I won't. You're watching the building. You figured out where I'd be from the pictures. That's very good Mikey G. You're everything I thought you'd be and more.

Maria: Oh please. Do you lips not get chapped from all the ass-kissing?

Michael: Sit down.

Courtney: Anything you say.

Michael: So you're a skin like Whitaker?

Courtney: How'd you get on to Whitaker?

Maria: We're asking the questions here ok? Now why are you in Roswell, where's the rest of your evil army. And most of all why are you obsessed with my good-looking if badly groomed boyfriend.

Courtney: I'm not obsessed with him, ok? I follow him. In the political sense.

Michael: Our leader?

Courtney: We're not with the other skins. We're renegades, who believe if you were in charge instead of Max in the first place, then none of this would've ever happened.

Michael: What are you talking about? In charge of what?

Courtney: Our planet, Michael. You don't remember any of this do you?

Michael: Suppose you tell me.

Maria: Yah the short version please.

Courtney: The short version? Is that our planet was on the brink of a golden age, then it all fell apart. You were the one who could've united our planet, pulled together the warring factions, brought peace. But you weren't on the throne.

Michael: Max.

Courtney: You wouldn't betray him. That loyalty cost your lives and those of everyone you loved. Please just don't let history repeat itself. You're the one we need, you're our leader, our salvation.

Maria: Michael if you can hear me now over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego. Could you please tell me that you do not believe what this Michael-worshipper has to say?

Michael: No, no way. No this is just part of your plan to divide and conquer.

Courtney: I knew you weren't ready to hear this.

Michael: What's in Copper Summit, Arizona anyway?

Courtney: Copper Summit is just some old tourist trap.

Michael: What's there?

Courtney: I'd stay away from there.

Michael: Why?

Maria: Yah, why?

Courtney: Let's just say there aren't any Michael-worshippers in Copper Summit.

Liz walking down the street alone and Max comes running after her.

Max: Liz. Liz what are you doing? We agreed none of us would go anywhere alone.

Liz: Fine.

Max: Wait.

Liz: Max, look there's just ... there's nothing left to say.

Max: Except the truth.

Liz: We have already been through this.

Max: So far all I know is what I saw. And what I saw can't be true because it means everything I felt in my heart for the last year is a lie! Now you owe me an explanation and I want it right now.

Liz: Please quit shouting Max. You're scaring me.

Max: That's a lie too! You're not scared. You're hiding something.

Liz: I'm not.

Max: What the hell is going on with you Liz? We never lie to each other. Never kept a secret from each other.

Liz: You know you have got me up on this pedestal Max. And I'm not this perfect person. I made a mistake. Look Kyle and I made love. The end. I'm sorry.

Max: [Max backs away and walks away.]

[Michael, Maria, and Courtney is driving to Copper Summit.]

Courtney: This is a huge mistake. You're gonna get yourself killed.

Michael: Yah, well that's my problem.

Courtney: I didn't spend 50 years finding you so you could throw your life away out of misplaced loyalty.

Maria: 50 years?

Courtney: Yah, we came here in 1950. Do the math.

Maria: So what. That would make you 65? 70? You're old enough to be Michael's grandmother. I just -- I love that, I do.

Courtney: Hey, husks don't age.

Maria: Husks?

Courtney: Yah, me, my skin -- this thing that I'm wearing. It never ages.

Maria: What is your point?

Courtney: The point is I've been a babe for 50 years. What are you going to look like in 50 years?

Michael: Would you two let it go?

Season 2: Episode 29-- Wipeout
Original air date: November 13, 2000.

with music by: Vitamin C, Good Charlotte

After making all the humans disappear and turning Roswell into a ghost town, "The Skins" capture and torture Max (Jason Behr), Isabel (Katherine Heigl), Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Tess (Emilie de Ravin) to discover the location of the granilith, resulting in the death of one of the aliens.

Max, Isabel, and Mrs. Evans sit down at breakfast.

Mrs. Evans: It's a frijole fritatta. Martha Stewart serves it to her guests in the Hamptons. So.. um.. Phillip? It's going to get cold. Get in here.

Max: Who needs a nice big glass of juice?

Isabel: I'll get it.

Max: I warned you about getting her a subscription to that magazine.

Isabel: [gets juice from refrigerator and walks past Max.]

Max: How long are you going to keep avoiding me?

Isabel: I'm not avoiding you. We destroyed a race of people. I'm just trying to get past it. [pours juice in 2 glasses and offers one to Max] Juice?

Max: You sure theres nothing else.

Isabel: I'm sure. Thanks.

Mrs. Evans: Max, how's that cute Liz Parker honey. She hasn't called here in a while.

Max: Could I please have some more fritatta?

Isabel: [Isabel spitting out her fritatta in her napkin.]

Mrs. Evans: Oh sure honey. I'm so glad you like it.

Max: [Max drinking juice. The plate with the fritatta falls, and their mother is gone.]

Isabel: Mom?

Kyle and Sheriff Valenti come back to town from a fishing trip. They stop in front of the UFO Center sign right outside of Roswell.

Sheriff Valenti: Deputy Hanson, we've got some property defacement out by the Chaparral turnout. I need you to russel up a ladder and uh.. take care of it. [to Kyle] You know you could've told me you didn't want to go fishing.

Kyle: No I did. I wanted to go fish. It's just now I enjoy it from a different perspective.

Sheriff Valenti: Different seems to be the story of your life these days. The guys don't come over to watch games anymore. You hang windchimes in my back yard. Burn compose sticks in the kitchen. Hanson!

Kyle: It's called Ylang-Ylang and it opens the mind.

Sheriff Valenti: You know if you laid up the mumbo jumbo you might get a date once in a while. Hanson!

Kyle: Any other areas where you would like to point out my incompetency dad? Or is the list complete at fishing and dating.

Sheriff Valenti: Hanson if I get back to the station and you're sipping a damn frappuccino. My one day off!

Isabel, Max, Michael and Courtney at the CrashDown.

Max: No ones back there either.

Isabel: Everyone's gone.

Michael: Every human. Whoever's doing this is trying to single us out.

Maria and Liz come through the door.

Courtney: Well there goes that theory.

Maria: Michael. [runs to him and gives him a hug.]

Max: [looks at Liz with those puppy dog eyes.. longing for her... awww.]

Liz: Max, what happened? I mean we just got back from Dexter.

Max: Our parents disappeared. It seems the whole town is gone. All the humans at least.

Liz: Why not us?

Isabel: I'm sorry.

Liz: Wait. What is going on here? Everyone is gone? They're gone, like dead?

Maria: [Calling Alex on phone.]

Max: We don't know that.

Maria: Pick up the phone Alex.

Max: All we can do right now is focus on the fact that we have each other.

Maria: [hangs up phone and picks up a cd on the counter.] Alex's band just burned a new CD and he couldn't wait to show me.

Isabel: [looks scared] First thing we need to do is figure out who did this.

Liz: We know who did this... the skins.

Maria: Yah, we found one of those snake skin things off of Elm Street.

Courtney: Nicholas.

Isabel: This is our fault.

Tess walks in.

Tess: No, it's hers. You led the skins straight to Roswell Courtney.

Michael: She's with us Tess.

Tess: [Snickers] What did YOUR people do to the town.

Courtney: They're not MY people.

Max: [pulling Tess away from Courtney.] Stop pointing fingers. We're the ones who destroyed their harvest. They're here to settle the score with all of us.

Isabel: [looking out the window.] In the bathroom. They're coming. Now! [everyone goes into the bathroom] There's two of them. Nicholas and Ida. Hide us. [Tess uses the mind warp to put a mirror where the door to the bathroom should be.]

After Nicholas and Ida leave.

Tess: [is discombobulated and sits down on stool]I've never come up against power like that before. It feels like someone took a sledgehammer to my head.

Liz leaves.. Max follows her.

Liz: [picks up clothes] My mom always listened to Elvis Costello on laundry day. I am so scared.

Max: What happened to your family. To all the humans. It's our fault.

Liz: We haven't lost them yet. We have to stay strong.

Max: Yah. [Max looks at the bed and remembers seeing Liz and Kyle on it.] I should go back down.

Isabel: [Yells] Max!

Max runs back downstairs. He gets to the diner and finds Courtney on the floor.

Isabel: She just collapsed.

Michael: Max, you gotta help her.

Max: Let's get her upstairs.

[They run a bath for her.]

Maria: Um.. ok maybe we should take her clothes off.

Liz: [nods.]

Isabel: [Uses her powers to keep Michael and Max out and shuts the door.] What now?

Liz: You know from what she said, the husk is starving. It's looking at her thighs like they're 2 canned hams.

Courtney: I heard that you bitch.

Isabel: Well, what if we tempt it from food outside the membrane. Some sort of like all you can eat buffet or something.

Liz: Yah, yah I mean it's worth a try. We need like some vitamins and minerals and nutrients.

Maria: [takes out her pills] Ok, we've got Ginko, bee pollen, Echinacea, C, D, E, calcium, St. John's wart and pamprin. [throws all the pills into the water. Everyone looks at her.] What I was dating Michael Guerin.

Max, Michael, Isabel, Liz, Maria, Tess, Sheriff Valenti, and Kyle are at the CrashDown. They bring Courtney from the tub.

Max: If guns don't work how do we kill them?

Courtney: [opens up a flap in her lower back.] Take the heaviest thing you can find. And smash this as hard as you can. It breaks the seal in the husk.. permanently.

Isabel: What about Nicholas? What can he do?

Courtney: All the things you can... times a thousand. But the thing you should be most afraid of is this. [points to her head.] He can get inside of your head and take anything that he wants. Basically he rapes you of your memories and your thoughts.

Sheriff Valenti: We've got to get everybody to a safer location.

Max: The UFO Center. It's a former bomb shelter. There are no windows and fewer ways in and out. [talking to Sheriff Valenti.] After we get everyone situated, you, me, Michael, Isabel, and Tess will start picking them off one by one.

Kyle: What about me?

Max: You're not someone I trust. Let's move.

Kyle and Liz in computer room of UFO Center and Sheriff Valenti comes in.

Sheriff Valenti: Liz, will you excuse us for a second.

Kyle: Don't worry Dad, I'm staying out of everyones way.

Sheriff Valenti: Kyle, do you remember what you did the night after your mom left?

Kyle: I lent you Mr. Squishels.

Sheriff Valenti: You worried about me. And you didn't want me sleeping alone. So you did instead that was a brave thing for a 6 year old to do. And I was proud of you. I remember the first time you tied your own shoes. And we uh.. we took the training wheels off of your bike.

Kyle: Okay pop knock if off. [falls on Kyle] Dad, are you alright?

Sheriff Valenti: I'm in awe of you everyday, son. And I'm apologizing for not recognizing the man that you're becoming, because you're a darn good one.

Kyle:!! [Sheriff Valenti disappears.]

Max, Michael, Liz, and Kyle run out to see what happened.

Tess: They found a way in. We've gotta go.

Max: All right, we'll head for the school. It's our turf. Get your dad.

Kyle: I can't. He disappeared right in front of me.

Liz: You know the skins time dimension must be catching up with those of us that are...

Maria: Human... who's next?

Kyle sees a postcard of the UFO sign that was defaced.

Kyle: That timefield is coming from the billboard out by Chaparrel turnout. My dad found a green rod stuck through it this morning. We thought it was a prank. I'm heading out there.

Max: No, we stick together.

Kyle: Hey I've been really nice about following your orders Senor Presidente, but if I can do something to help bring some people back or to ensure Liz, Maria and I live to see another day I'm gonna do it. [walks past Max]

Max: Kyle? [Kyle and Liz turn around. Max looks at Liz.] Look. Take Bradford Alley all the way out of town. It's a straight shot you can't get boxed in.

Kyle: Thanks.

Max: Good luck. To all of you.

Kyle: I'll take care of her.

Maria: [to Michael.] Um, I know how you hate when things get all goopy so..

Michael: So I'll see you soon.

Maria: Yah.

Micheal: No I will. [Maria gives Michael a hug and leaves.]

Liz, Kyle, and Maria are in the car going to the billboard.

Maria: If we get out of this..

Kyle: When we get out of this.

Maria: Things are gonna change for me. I'm gonna start spending more time with my mother, I'm gonna write more to my grandmother. You know these are the people who gave me life you know.

Liz: No, I can't leave it like this.

Maria: Excuse me?

Liz: Max! You know I walked out on him without explaining what happened between you and me.

Maria: Huh?

Liz: I didn't even say goodbye.

Kyle: Look, you've got a job to do, Max has got a job to do. When everybody's done with their jobs then you can make nice.

Liz: He'll never know.

Kyle: He's Max, he'll always know.. right?

Liz: [disappears.]

Maria: Liz? [they come to the billboard and get out of car.] Not Liz, I need Liz.

Kyle: Maria, Maria look, look, she's coming back. They all are. All right now Liz said something about generators and electric fields.

Maria: So how does electricity work?

Kyle: Why are you looking at me? We were both in the same remedial science class for 3 years.

Maria: Basically we have to blow it's fuse.

Kyle: That means we mess with the current. Do you have jumper cables?

Maria: Yah.

[hear running and Kyle turns around. A skin is running toward them.]

Kyle: Buddah forgive me but I am going to kick your ass! [they fight and Kyle hits the skin with the lock for her steering wheel right in the lower back. After the skin disappears, Kyle starts to disappear.] Maria.

Maria succeeded in short-circuiting the green rod. Tess used her mind warp to make an illusion of a big fire ball. Everything is back to normal. Alex is at the CrashDown eating his pancakes.

Alex: Hey these are freezing!

Sheriff Valenti: [walks into CrashDown] Alex!

Alex: Morning Sheriff. Uh, skip the pancakes.

Sheriff Valenti: [smiling.]Hey kiddo, how's it going. [puts his arm around Alex]

Alex: [looks suspiciously] Good... you?

Sheriff Valenti: [still smiling] Good.

Alex: Great.

Max and Tess walking in park.

Tess: I just wanted to scare them with a mind warp. I thought if they saw fire. It was awful Max. I lost control. I tapped into something completely different.

Max: Think you could do it again.

Tess: I don't want to.

A kid that looks like Nicholas rides by on a scooter.

Season 2: Episode 30-- Meet the Dupes
Original air date: November 20, 2000.

with music by: Belle & Sebastian

Duplicate versions of Isabel (Katherine Heigl), Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Tess (Emilie de Ravin) come to Roswell to try and convince Max (Jason Behr) to go back to New York with them for an interstellar summit that could get them all back to their home planet.

Max and Liz are in class and learn about a star that died.

Liz follows Max out the door.

Liz: Hey. Kinda weird about that star, huh. Kinda sad. [Max looks at her and starts to walk away] It just doesn't seem that something burning so bright can just burn out.

Max: But it did. [walks away]

Brody and Max are at the UFO Center talking about a radio transmission when Brody's watch beeps.

Brody: Time for dinner.

Max: I'm not hungry.

Brody: Well, just whatever.. take a break.. go

Max: I just got here.

Brody: Go, go go go

Maria delivers Brody's food.

Maria: Galaxy sub, hold the mayo.

Brody: Thank you very much.

Maria: Is there pepperjack in that sandwich?

Brody: Uh.. no, doesn't appear to be.

Maria: I just -- I can't believe it. I cannot believe it.

Brody: It's ok really.

Maria: No, no it's not ok. You ordered pepperjack you have the right to expect pepperjack. This is unexceptable is what it is.

Brody: It's just cheese.

Maria: No, it's not just cheese.

Brody: But it's a very small thing.

Maria: Yes, it is a very small thing. And that is why a person who can't even get the cheese right does not deserve to live.

Brody: Wow, you take your job very seriously.

Maria: You know what, take your money back. It's on the house.

Brody: Well, then, at least let me give you a tip.

Maria: That's unnessessary, but thank you. [walks out the door]

Brody: So, uh, what do you think about our new president?

Max studying at the CrashDown, Liz goes to talk to him.

Liz: Um, did you want anything else from the kitchen cuz it's going to close.

Max: No thanks. [closes book]

Liz: I hate this. I hate that we can't even be around each other. Long before we kissed, we were friends. We talked, we laughed. I don't understand why we can't go back to that.

Max: We can't. I can't. I just.. I need time.

Liz: Ok, um, I understand that. I do. I can respect it. But um, I don't want you to hate me.

Max: [walks away]

The duplicate Michael sees Liz at school.

DMichael: Wassup. You look tight.

Liz: Excuse me -- Oh my gawd Michael, what is with your hair?

DMichael: I wouldn't mind kickin' it to you.

Liz: Kickin' it? Yah.

DMichael: Whaddya say you give me a little somethin' somethin', huh? [sticks out tongue]

Liz: Oh my gawd, get away from me. What is going on with you.

DMichael: I just thought since Maxy wasn't around that we could uh..

Liz: Just stop ok?

DMichael: All right you got me. I just wanted to see you know if you would go for it.

Liz: No, it's not gonna happen... ever.

DMichael: Of course not.

Liz: [turns away.. then DMichael taps her.] What? [and kisses her, Liz squeals.. walks away] Ewww..

DMichael: Epic.

Maria and Liz talking.

Maria: Ok, let me get this straight. Duplicate Michael kissed you and you decided not to tell me this very pertinent fact.

Liz: No, I wanted to tell you..

Maria: But you thought hey it's Michael, slippin' me the tongue... there's nothing unusual about that.

Liz: Maria it's not Michael.

Maria: But you didn't know that then, Liz.

Liz: Can't you get over it? I'm sorry, can I just. Can I just talk to you for one second. Ok, this thing kinda happened with Kyle. But it didn't really happen, and I can't tell Max what I didn't do. But I can't tell you what I didn't do either so don't ask me to explain it ok. But the point is I feel really stupid here.

Maria: Do you realize that what you just said made absolutely no sense.

Everyone's (the Dupes too) at the CrashDown and Brody walks in.

Brody: What the hell is this?

Max: Morning.

Brody: Is there a party going on? Funny I wasn't invited seeing how it's my building. [duplicate Michael walks in and stands next to Michael.] And who are you?

Michael: Uh, Brody this is my twin brother, Bob.

Brody: I didn't know you had a brother.

DMichael: I live in New York.

Brody: Well, that explains the hair. Now who can explain what you're all doing here.

Maria walks in.

Maria: Hi.

Brody: [attitude changes] Hi.

Maria: Um, you know how you asked about lunch?

Brody: Uh huh.

Maria: Well, how do you feel about having a little breakfast.

Brody: Stay as long as you like.

DMichael: You want me to kill him for you?

Michael: I'll get back to you on that.

Liz looking at pictures of her and Max. Theres a knock at her window, she looks up and sees Max at her window.

Liz: Hi.

Max: You said... you wanted to be friends. And I thought about it. And I realize that.. that I can't be friends with you because, I'm still hang on .. to you.. to what we had. So I decided to make a clean break. Here.

Liz: Max, this is yours. I gave it to you last Christmas.

Max: I'm giving it back. I'm going to New York, with Rath and Lonnie and Tess.. to the summit.

Liz: Are you gonna come back?

Max: I don't know. I can't think that far ahead.

Liz: Wait umm.. Max, umm.. when you're at the summit, the granilith ok? It's powerful, it can be really dangerous if the wrong people get their hands on it.

Max: What are you talking about? How do you know anything about the granilith.

Liz: Oh I can't tell you. But I just-- I know and.. please Max you have to trust me.

Max: I guess that's the problem, Liz.[climbs out of her window]

Season 2: Episode 31-- Max In the City
Original air date: November 27, 2000.

with music by: Lifehouse

Feeling betrayed by Isabel (Katherine Heigl), Max (Jason Behr) leaves Roswell to attend the interstellar summit in New York City with the duplicate versions of Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Isabel who have a very different agenda in mind for the future king.

Max & Tess go back to Roth & Lonnie's crib.

Lonnie: You are so Zan. You two done the deed yet? Made the beast with two backs? Well, you are in for a treat.

Roth: Alien sex baby. Accept no imitations. Awooh. [sticks his tongue out]

Michael and Isabel just leave the CrashDown, Maria puts down plates and goes to Liz at register.

Maria: Girlfriend, we need to have a talk. Cuz you've got a serious problem.

Liz: What?

Maria: A very vicious rumor is going around about you in school. And I mean I shouldn't make a bigger deal about it than it is because I know we can take care of it. But it s just that everybody's talking about it.

Liz: Maria.

Maria: Ok. The word is that you and Kyle slept together. I know it's so humiliating I know. I just can't imagine who made it up.

Liz: Um.. it's true.

Maria: What? No, Liz, the rumor is that you and Kyle Valenti slept together.. as in sexually.

Liz: I know and.. it's true.

Maria: Ok you lost your virginity to Kyle. I mean thats a revelation and I don't know what that's about but why didn't you tell me?

Liz: I was embarrassed.

Maria: That is such a completely unacceptable answer for you to give to me.. your best friend in the entire world.

Liz: I didn't want to talk about it.

Maria: Why? Why didn't you want to talk about it? Why? Did he like hurt you or something? Was this like a date rape thing or something?

Liz: No, no it was nothing like that ok? I was just upset about Max and you know Kyle was there for me and we were close at one point and one thing just led to another and we..

Maria: And you didnt tell me. Liz walks away.

Max meets with the Emissary and gets the green light that he's the King.

Rath: So you-- you really are the king?

Max: It's a... it's a time card. The Emissary works for a temp agency?

Rath: Dude, the Emissary never left his crib. That body that walked outta here worksfor a temp agency.

Max: What?

Rath: It's like a vessel you know.. a puppet. The alien Emissary far away on another planet. Human knobhead here on this planet. The Emissary reaches out with his mind takes control of the human. The human walks around like a puppet doing whatever the Emissary wants him to do.

Max: Like he's-- like he's possessed.

Rath: Yah possession. You know doing the Linda Blair. You know. Human dude never knows what happens to him. He thinks he's been fricken' abducted.

Maria is sleeping and her phone rings at 3:12 am.

Maria: Hello?

Liz: Look, we need to talk in person.

Maria: It's 3 in the morning.

Liz: Please Maria.

Maria: Where?

Liz: The place by the thing that we went with what's her name.

Maria: I'm there. Bye.

Liz and Maria by the fountain.

Liz: I'm sorry I know this all sounds a little crazy.

Maria: No, please, crazy is uh.. sleeping with Kyle Valenti.

Liz: Ok, so um.. Max no, Future Max, tells me that the reason that the world comes to an end is because.. get this.. he and Tess weren't together when their enemies came to Earth. And the reason they weren't together was because Max and I got married.

Maria: Oh.

Liz: I know it's really confusing.

Maria: No, no, no I'm with you keep going.

Liz: Future Max tells me that I have to find a way to get present day Max to fall out of love with me.

Maria: So you slept with Kyle.

Liz: No, no not really. I arranged it so Max saw Kyle and I in bed together but nothing really happened.

Maria: So, Max thinks that you and Kyle.

Liz: I'm sorry I lied to you.

Maria: No, no I'm sorry I got so mad. I should've known that it was.. you know.. an alien thing. Are you still a virgin?

Liz: Yes.

Maria: Ok, so am I.

Liz: Ok.

Ava (Tess's duplicate) and Liz talking early in the morning at the CrashDown Cafe.

Ava: Zan was stubborn. Strong he.. he put up a wall and you just couldn't get through. He always tried to do everything right to be perfect... he was like that right up until.

Liz: You must've loved him alot.

Ava: Yah. I'm not sure he ever really loved me back though.

Liz: Why?

Ava: Just a feeling. I always felt like he was waiting for someon to walk into his life. So what about you? How'd you find out about Max. He just hauled off and dropped the bomb one day.

Liz: No, it was right over there. I was working, and uh.. he was sitting at that booth. And someone brought in a gun and it kinda went off.. and I got shot. I was dying but Max brought me back.

Ava: He brought you back?

Liz: Yah.

After Isabel figures out Lonnie (her dupe) pretended to be her to Max they go to the CrashDown to confront Ava.

Isabel: Why did Lonnie impersonate me?

Ava: I don't know.

Isabel: Why don't I believe you?

Ava: That's your problem.

Micheal uses his power to break stuff.

Michael: Don't piss us off.

Liz walks in.

Ava: Ooh..

Isabel: Fine! We'll do this the hard way.

Liz: Ok ok.. wait wait.. it's ok.. come on Ava. Ok, you look Ava. You told me that you had a secret that you couldn't tell anyone. But um... if Max is in danger you have to tell us. You lost Zan. Please don't let me lose Max. I love him you know. And.. I love him as much as you did Zan. Please Ava.. don't let me lose him.. please.

Ava: Lonnie and Rath.. killed Zan. And they're probably gonna kill Max.

Isabel, Michael, Liz and Ava are at the CrashDown trying to figure out what to do.

Isabel: We've gotta find a way to warn Max. He's in the middle of the Summit right now.

Michael: Where is the Summit being held?

Ava: Some building downtown.

Michael: You've gotta do better than that.

Ava: I don't know anything more.

Liz: Hey, Isabel. Can't you dreamwalk Max? You know umm. put a warning in his mind. You've done it before. You know when he was in the White Room.

Isabel: That was different. He was drugged I was only a few miles away. He's across the country now.

Michael: I think we're out of alternatives.

Isabel trying to dreamwalk.

Isabel: Damn it! It's not working. I can't reach him.

Michael: Yah. But you gotta try again.

Isabel: It won't do any good. He's not hearing me.

Liz: Ok, so what's uh.. plan B.

Isabel: There isn't one.

Ava: Liz can do it.

Liz: What? What are you talking about?

Ava: Max, brought you back from the dead. You've been changed.

Liz: What do you mean by changed?

Ava: Look, there ain't enought time to explain. You've just gotta trust me here. If Max brought you back then... you're different now.

Isabel: Liz, take my hand.

Liz: I don't know why but I'm really scared to do this. You know if you can't contact him, what makes you think that I can.

Isabel: I know my brother. And I know that if there's one voice he will hear no matter where he is, no matter what he's doing.. it's yours. Take my hand Liz.

Liz looking in the mirror, Max is behind her.

Liz: I keep looking for some sort of change.

Max: You mean like.. [holds up 2 fingers over her head]

Liz: Yah, something like that. It's nice to see you smile again.

Max: I want to thank you.. for saving my life.

Liz: I guess it makes us even.

Max: And... I'd like to.. start again. Our friendship that is.. I mean. I miss it.

Liz: Yah, um.. I miss it too.

Max: There's just one thing I have to say. One thing I have to ask. And I promise I'll never ask it again.

Liz: Yah, go ahead.

Max: Did you.. sleep with Kyle.

Liz says nothing.

Max: Ok, I'll see you tomorrow.

Season 2: Episode 32-- The Miracle
Original air date: December 18, 2000.

with music by:

It's not such a wonderful life for Max after he allows a man to die rather than use his powers in public to save him. A car strikes a holiday shopper (John Littlefield) who pushed his daughter out of the path of the vehicle. As the man lies dying on a crowded sidewalk, Max (Jason Behr) resists the urge to help him. The man's ghost then haunts the alien teen (the only one who can see him), demanding that Max do something to “restore the balance” for letting him perish. A more mundane Christmas crisis plagues Michael (Brendan Fehr). He agonizes over a present for Maria (Majandra Delfino), since he neglected to get her any gift at all last year.

Max and Michael are picking out a Christmas tree.

Michael: Come on Maxwell, just pick a tree it's freezing out here.

Max: It's not so simple. This tree has got to fall within certain parameters.

Michael: Parameters?

Max: Height, circumference, color, desity of foliage. Look at this diagram. You know how Isabel gets this time of year.

Michael: The Christmas Nazi. Driving everyone insane while trying to have the perfect Christmas. The worse thing you can do is play into it Max. You've got to fight her, you've got to fight the Christmas Nazi. Come on I've got to get to the hardware store before it closes. I've got to get Maria her present.

Max: Why? You're gonna get her a ratchet set?

Michael: Never mind. I'm under a lot of pressure. She's been busting my ass for weeks about this present. She says it's gotta be significant.

Max: Then you might wanna steer clear of the hardware store.

They both look as a man pushes his daughter out of the way of a car.

Michael: Maxwell. Let's go.

Max, his mom and dad are at the kitchen table.

Dad: Where's the Christmas Nazi?

Max: Last I saw she was examining our outdoor lights for errant bulbs.

Isabel: Max, this is by far the most pathetic Christmas tree, I have ever seen. Did you even refer to my diagram?

Max: I had to run out this morning. There were only a few left.

Isabel: You know I give you one tiny little assignment and you can't even handle that.

Max: Something came up.

Isabel: Well, if you had told me you couldn't go, I would've squeezed in time to get it myself between the hunger drive and the Christmas dinner at the nursing home.

Mom: Isabel, did you know that this family lived only four blocks from here.

Max sees the dead man's ghost.

Isabel: It's so terrible. A few of us are talking about organizing a vigil for his family.

Dad: Beautiful. A vigil? You know.. that's nice candles.

Max goes to the ghost by the washing machine.

Isabel: You know I think I saw at least 17 burnouts on 2 and 5. Oh, what do you want to bet there are some flickering ones on 3 and 4 because they always seem to have problems, so check those too, you know. You should never be too careful because once theres 2 and 3 gone theres Max?

Michael and Maria at the CrashDown working.

Michael: I need to talk to you.

Maria: Yes, spaceboy?

Michael: We've got three days til Christmas. I'm working everyday til then.

Maria: And?

Michael: I was wondering if it was necessary to exchange presents on Christmas day?

Maria: Need a little wiggle room?

Michael: If it would be alright? I mean what's a couple days? You know I figure we could make a date for the 27th, the 28th?

Maria: Sure no problem. How about the second week in January? I mean what is Christmas but some arbitrary day? What is it again? Oh yes, the birthday of our Lord and Savior. It's no big deal.

Michael: So that's cool?

Maria: You give me that damn present on December 25th or I'll never speak to you again.

Kyle and Sheriff Valenti watching football.

Sheriff Valenti: No, what the hell are you doing?

Kyle: His mind and body are in deep conflict. When ones heart and one's mind are not in balance one's body is the first to fail. What?

Sheriff Valenti: I'm very concerned that you're starting to make sense to me.

Kyle: All I'm saying is that if the guy can't visualize his journey to his goal he has no chance of taking the rock downtown.

Tess: It is a zoo out there. Every store is packed with desperate people trying to find the perfect present. Oh, and the streets are loaded with over zealous people singing. And theres all these insane people dragging Christmas trees on top of their cars.

Sheriff Valenti & Kyle: Oh.. woo!!!

Tess: But clearly you guys don't bother with Christmas trees?

Kyle: We've got ours out in the garage.. plastic.

Tess: Oh, I guess there's no hurry to bring it into the house then.

Sheriff Valenti: Actually we haven't brought it in for a few years.

Kyle: I like it in the garage, I use it to dry my socks.

Sheriff Valenti: Second down, second down here we go. Come on come on.. visualize!

Tess: Oh and about Christmas dinner, you guys aren't planning some big..

Kyle: We usually eat at the CrashDown for turkey.

Sheriff Valenti: $7.95 all you can eat.

Tess: Great. You know I don't celebrate Christmas anyway.

Michael and Isabel shopping for presents.

Isabel: This is a toothbrush?

Michael: It's an electric toothbrush. It's practical.

Isabel: It is practical. Are you gonna give it to Maria as a stocking stuffer?

Michael: No, this is gonna be her Christmas present. She set a price limit, if I exceed that budget there's gonna be hell to pay.

Isabel: Actually I think Maria would find it in her heart to forgive you for exceeding her price limit, though there will be hell to pay if you gave the girl you love an electric toothbrush for Christmas. You're better off giving her no gift at all.

Michael: No, I tried the "no present" idea last year, didn't work.

Isabel: Last year was your first year together and you didn't give her a present.

Michael: Hey I don't even believe in this. So why should I get sucked into it. The whole things a marketing scam invented to make people buy things they don't even need.

Isabel: Well, you could write that on the card when you give her a dental product for Christmas.

Michael: So what should I get her?

Isabel: Okay, go home. Think about all that you and Maria have shared, all that she means to you. Then start coming up with some ideas. Ok? A Christmas gift should be personal, thoughtful, something someone would never get herself. Now I've got to go. Cause I've got a rehersal for the holiday pagent, dinner at the nursing home, I've gotta wrap a ton of presents and now I've got to get a new tree.

Michael: Hail the Christmas Nazi.

Isabel: What was that?

Michael: Nothing.

Isabel: Bye now.

Isabel walks into Michael's apartment with gifts.

Michael: It's a bumper.

Isabel: Yes I see that.

Michael: For her Jetta.

Isabel: Hmm. [puts down packages.] How did what I said yesturday result in this?

Michael: It's meets all your criteria. It's personal because I personally know what a bug she has up her ass about how much we screwed up her car. It's thoughtful because I had to go to the junkyard to get it and it's something she would never get herself for the obvious reason that her bumper has been hanging from a string for the past half year.

Isabel: [takes a deep breath] Ok, Michael this is what I'm going to do. I am going to take the Christmas dog show off my calendar and take you shopping and rectify this situation.

Michael: No, I'm not gonna get obsessed over this present. This is fine, I'm not gonna make everyone else around me miserable.

Isabel: What are you saying? That I get obsessed and make everyone around me miserable.

Michael: I didn't say that.

Isabel: You know is it too much to ask that one day a year I can be like a normal human being with a normal life and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Michael: No Mein Fuhrer.

Isabel: What?

Michael: What?

Isabel: Oh. Is it alright if I leave some gifts here. I have more shopping to do.

Michael: Leave 'em on the table.

Isabel: Bye-bye then.

Michael: Whoo.

Isabel introducing the Christmas pagent.

Isabel: Hi everyone. Welcome to this year's Holiday pagent. I'm Isabel Evans, some of you know me as the director of this pagent, others may know me as the president of the hunger drive, and still others might know me from the many holiday events at the nursing home, and some of you know me as the "Christmas Nazi" [looks at Michael] But enough about me, let's feast our eyes on the cutest darn kids in America, welcome to Roswell's 23rd Annual Holiday pagent.

Tess cleaning up the house while Kyle and Sheriff Valenti sit watching tv.

Tess: Ok, I think we're just about ready. Oh Kyle could you grab two more dining room chairs, I looked in the garage but I couldn't find any.

Kyle: Oh, that's cause there aren't any.

Tess: Uh what do you mean?

Kyle: Uh, we don't have any other chairs.

Tess: All we have are uh two chairs? Doesn't that seem a little odd to you?

Sheriff Valenti: Well, we used to have more chairs. But over the years our collection has dwindled.

Tess: So it doesn't bother you that there are only two chairs in the entire house.

Sheriff Valenti: We usually just eat in front of the tv.

Kyle: He's never gonna pick up this spare. Come on look within Putz!

Sheriff Valenti: Guy's amazing. [laughing]

Tess: I have been cooking for 20 hours while you two have been sitting back on the couch like two beached whales. Not even noticing or caring that I am living here. Ok, I am here, Hello? Hello? So since I'm living here I should have a damn chair to sit in!!

Sheriff Valenti: We could bring my desk chair over.

Kyle: Good idea.

Tess: Oh and uh, where is Amy DeLuca going to sit.

Sheriff Valenti: Amy DeLuca? Why does Amy DeLuca need a place to sit.

Tess: Because I invited her over to dinner.

Sheriff Valenti: You what?

Tess: Well, I figured if we had a guest, you two would have to shut off the damn tv and pretend to be civilized.

Sheriff Valenti: When is she coming. [doorbell rings]

Tess: Uh, about now actually.

Sheriff Valenti: Oh my god. [starts to clean up] No no no no. No, come on now don't do this to me. Come on help be out will you. Don't ever invite somebody to dinner without telling me first. Oh, jeez louise. [opens front door] Amy!

Amy: Hi, Jim. Hi everyone. It was so nice of you to think of me Jim. And I loved your note.

Sheriff Valenti: My note? [laughing]

Amy: [to Sheriff Valenti] I miss you to.

Maria comes over to Michael's house to exchange presents.

Maria: Spaceboy!

Michael: What's up?

Maria: I just wanted to let you know that I heard about what you did for Sidney and those children.

Michael: Thank Max I was against it.

Maria: This whole thing with Sidney has made me realize how stupid I've been about this gift thing. I don't need a gift.

Michael: I actually got you one.

Maria: You did? Really?

Michael: Yah.

Maria: Yay. I'm so excited. What is that smell?

Michael: It's not dry yet.

Maria: Is that a bumper? It--it's a bumper.

Michael: Yah, yah, yah.

Maria: Is that like a Jetta bumper?

Michael: Not yet but it's gonna be.

Maria: Michael, that is so thoughtful.

Michael: That's what I keepsaying.

Maria: I mean my bumper has been hanging from a...

Michael: From a string. I know.

Maria: And I never-- would've never you know..

Michael: Got one for yourself, exactly. Merry Christmas.

Maria: Thank you, Michael. Thank you. So you want to exchange gifts now?

Michael: Huh?

Maria: Are one of those for me? One of those are for me.

Michael: Yes. I'll go get it.

Maria: Ok, which one? Is it the big one?

Michael: Turn around [Michael searches through the presents Isabel left. He finds one that says Michael, just in case, Love the Christmas Nazi. He rips off the post it. To: Maria Merry Christmas Love Michael.] Merry Christmas.

Maria: Oh hoo hoo.. what is it? What is it?

Michael: Good question. Now remember I was in Phoenix saving lives so I was a little strapped for time.

Maria: Michael? These are real pearls.

Michael: What?? Wow! Of course.

Maria: Oh my god. These must've cost you a fortune.

Michael: I'm sure they will.

Maria: These are the most beautiful earrings I have ever seen. But I don't need this gift. This year my gift is you.

Michael: So you don't want the earrings?

Maria: Oh no I'll keep the earrings. [hugs Michael]

Michael: [sigh of relief]

Michael goes to see Max.

Max: You're going to midnight service? You don't believe in anything.

Michael: Gotta hedge your bets Maxwell. I've had my prayers answers twice in the past two days. Don't ask. You ok?

Max: Better. Thanks.

Michael: Your powers?

Max: Yah, they're starting to come back to me.

Michael: Good. I just wanted to say that I'm really pissed about what happened last night.

Max: Michael I couldn't stop myself.

Michael: No, no, no. I'm pissed that I don't have the ability to help the kids in the hospital that you couldn't get to.

Max: Michael.

Michael: 'Nuff said. I got a Christmas present for you. Come on.

[both go to Brody's house and watch him through the window with Sidney.]

Max shows up at the midnight service.

Liz: I thought you didn't believe in God.

Max: I believe in you.

Season 2: Episode 33-- To Serve & Protect (The Hybrid Chronicles)
Original air date: January 22, 2001.

with music by:

When Isabel (Katherine Heigl) develops a psychic connection with a mysterious young girl who has been kidnapped and buried alive, she, Max (Jason Behr) and Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler) race to find her before it’s too late.

Isabel & Max flipping through tv channels.

Isabel: There's nothing on.

Max: We must have 50 channels.

Isabel: Crap..... crap..... boring. I'm gonna take a stroll, see what people are dreaming.

Max: Haven't you been overdoing that lately?

Isabel: Take it easy, it's harmless.

Max: It's just not a very nice thing to do. Stay away from Liz, please. [goes back to flipping stations] Crap... crap... crap.

Isabel: [brings out yearbook to Liz Parker.]

Brad (in dream):

Liz (in dream): Hello Brad. Would you like fries with that? [see Max behind them.] I'm with Brad now.

Max (in dream): Brad doesn't even exist. Besides, you want someone who can do this. [makes rose petals fall, kisses Liz]

Liz: Oh my.

Isabel: Oh even her romantic dreams are boring. [wakes up and turns to Kyle Valenti's picture.] Kyle's gotta be more interesting that that.

Tess & Kyle eating breakfast at the CrashDown.

Kyle: See that-- thats a very uh alien thing isn't it? The uh.. very sweet, very spicy.

Tess: Uh huh.

Kyle: Can I-- can I try a bite?

Tess: You won't like it.

Kyle: Oh, I hope not. [Kyle tries some of Tess' food.] Oh my god.

Tess: I told you.

Kyle: No, no, no, it's not, it's not completely horrible. It's almost tasty.

Tess: Oh well here have some more.

Kyle: No, no. I can't. This is so wrong, I'm not ready for this.

Tess: Not ready for what?

Kyle: Change. I'm not ready to be half-human, half-alien... freakazoid.

Tess: Uh, we prefer the term, "hybrids".

Kyle: Serious, look look, I never bargained for this. One minute I'm a normal guy with my whole life ahead the next Max Evans transmogrifies me into something not of this Earth.

Tess: Whoa, whoa, whoa, trans- what?

Kyle: Look, I just, I never asked for this.

Tess: Well, I supposed he could have let you die. Is that what you wanted?

Kyle: If I had died, I would've transcended the mortal plane and been reincarnated into the next stage of my life.

Tess: Reincarnated as what, exactly?

Kyle: Like just another person, or animal maybe.

Tess: An animal? Like you could've ended up like a gopher or something.

Kyle: Look we're getting of the point. I really need some help.

Tess: What do you want from me? I don't know what's going to happen to you. You know maybe nothing will happen. Or, maybe you could develop super powers and start flying all over Roswell in a big cape. I don't know.

Kyle: Can I have another?

Tess: No.

Liz and Maria at the CrashDown working.

Liz: Ok, we have the Saturn rings, and a Galaxy Sub hold the Max. [Liz and Maria look at each other.] Um, so--I'll just be right back with the cokes.

Maria: Ok, what just happened?

Liz: I need help. I'm sick ok? I am an obsessed person.

Maria: Ok, is this just a general freakout or should I be concerned?

Liz: No, I have Max on my brain 24 hours a day. Ok? I dream about him, I think about him and now.. and now I'm saying his friggin name without even realizing it. What am I going to do?

Maria: You're in love thats all.

Liz: I know but it's not getting me anywhere.

Maria: Ok, relax, relax Liz it's not that bad, I promise.

Liz: Not that bad? Really? Why don't you look at this. See? Obsession, obsession obsession obsession.

Maria: Ok, you're a Max-a-holic. I'm here for you. What can I do?

Liz: Get me a life.

Kyle sitting on couch in front of tv.

Kyle: [holding his hand up trying to turn the tv on with his hands.]

Tess: [coming from behind him she sees him and grabs the remote. Turns on tv.]

Kyle: Oh God, gee. Channel 15 [Tess turns the channel] Channel 23 [turns the channel] Unscrambled porn [Tess confused turns the channel] I have become.. [sees Tess standing behind him] an idiot.

Tess: [giggles] Oh but a cute one. Hey [throws the remote to Kyle]

Maria bringing her cousin Sean food at the CrashDown.

Maria: In case, I haven't told you this. You dine and dash here, you die.

Sean: [takes out change]

Maria: Is there tip in there?

Sean: Just give me the burger.

Maria: [sits down to talk] How about a little talk, hmm? All right in our house there are rules. And as strange and unimaginable and bizarre as it may seem, we live our lives by these very simple rules. Rule 1, toilet seat is left down, Rule 2, underwear are not left on the floor.. no. Rule 3, milk is poured into a glass not directly consumed by the carton. Rule 4,

Sean: Are there a lot of these rules?

Maria: Don't worry, I will write them down for you. Assuming of couse you can read.

Sean: Of course.

Maria: Now pay attention please. Rule 4 is very important. Leave Liz alone.

Sean: Why is she a part of the house too? Or something.

Maria: I am not kidding, Sean. She is way off limits for you okay. Way way off limits.

Sean: Way.

Maria: Look I saw the way you looked at her, alright. "All grown up, I like it" No, it's not going to happen Sean.

Sean: Ok.

Maria: She is in a very delicate and fragile place in her life right now. [Liz in background,"Dammit Eddy where is my order?"] I'm serious.

Sean: I heard you all right? Leave her alone, I get it. What do you want from me.

Maria: I'll give you the list by the end of the day.

Max & Isabel at home.

Max: Isabel I dont understand this. You've never been wrong about this in the past. I mean we've always gone with your judgement.

Isabel: I don't understand it either Max. This wasn't something I planned.

Max: How could this happen?

Isabel: I don't know.

Max: Valenti might be losing his job because of us. Have you thought about that?

Isabel: Of course I have. But what was I supposed to do, let her die?

Max: There is no missing girl alright.You're dreams were wrong. YOU were wrong.

Isabel: Don't you think I know that. Maybe part of me just needed her to be missing.

Max: What do you mean?

Isabel: After everything we've been through, after all the pain we've caused, I just wanted what we are.. what I am to do something good for a change.

Max: Isabel... you are my sister. You yell at me, you second guess me, and you piss me off. You also saved my life. Look, I don't care what we've been through I still believe in you. I always will. Go get some sleep. You look really bad.

Isabel: [laughs] Thanks.

Season 2: Episode 34-- We are Family (The Hybrid Chronicles)
Original air date: January 29, 2001.

with music by:

Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler) is suspended from the force after refusing to answer the FBI’s questions about Max (Jason Behr) and Isabel (Katherine Heigl) but finds himself dragged back into the kidnapped girl Laurie DuPree’s (guest star Allison Lange) case after Laurie shows up at his house claiming to be chased by aliens.

a CandyStriper walks down the hallway in the hospital.

CandyStriper: [to Michael] The sexual dysfunctional unit is that way.

Michael: Funny.

Tess: [turns to camera] Ok, according to the blood work, and x-rays, Laurie is human.

Michael: That's impossible. Why did Isabel have a flash when she touched her?

Tess: I don't know. Look we got the info, that Max wanted. Let's just get out of here. This polyester number is not working out for me.

Michael: Not til I get a look at her.

Tess: Don't even think about it. Michael. Michael.

Michael: [goes in room. Laurie is gone]

Liz cleaning up table at the CrashDown, Max comes out of the restroom.

Max: Uh, I wasn't done.

Liz: Oh, ok. It's late.

Max: Did you study for history?

Liz: Um, yah I was going to once my shift ended.

Max: Can I have another coke?

Liz: Max, you've been sitting here since 6.

Max: I don't wanna go home. There's someone dangerous in our town, Liz. Someone who'd do that to a defenseless person.

Liz: That's why you're here. You're worried about me. Thank you. [knock on door.] One second.

Sean: I would kill for some chili orbit rings.

Liz: I'm sorry Sean but the kitchen's closed.

Sean: Come on. Ok ok, Asteroid Pie.

Liz: Uh, the last piece went at 6 o'clock

Sean: Why you gotta be so cruel, Parker?

Liz: Just come back tomorrow Sean, ok I'll give you 10% off.

Sean: 20%

Liz: Good night Sean. Ok, um you know my books are upstairs and there are 2 pieces of Asteroid Pie left in the fridge, you can stay as long as you like.

Kyle and Tess shopping in a store.

Tess: Grab me some skittles.

Kyle: Hmm? You're not dumping this stuff on my candy.

Tess: Yes I am.

1st woman in store: 2 minors in the Sheriff's patrol car. And I heard one missed taking a bullet by inches.

Clerk: It's crazy behavior, plain and simple.

1st woman in store: Well, his dad was a loon, and that type thing's hereditary. Am I the only one wondering why he's escorting children through a deserted wood in the middle of the night.

Clerk: Well, have you seen the Evan's girl, looks like a supermodel. Trouble written all over her.

Amy: Well, Nancy Anne you'd be the expert on statuatory rape. I mean you must've done a ton of research when you found out your husband was sleeping with the babysitter right? [1st woman in store getting offended and leaves.] Well, one thing you obviously know nothing about is Jim Valenti. Otherwise you wouldn't be talking such trash. [lays groceries on counter] This and 2 scratch off lottery tickets please.

After Laurie escapes from the Sheriff's house. Agent Duff is interrogating Sheriff Valenti.

A. Duff: How'd you find her?

S. Valenti: I didn't. She came to me.

A. Duff: And in that moment a bell didn't go off in your head to call. I dunno -- the police, or here's a thought-- me! [turns on tape recorder] What's your relationship with the kids in this town Sheriff.

S. Valenti: You had your chance to ask questions when my laywer was here.

A. Duff: [turns tape recorder off] You hindered an investigation you will lose your job.

S. Valenti: Agent Duff, I understand why you're coming down like this. And if I were in your shoes I would do the same. But don't beat yourself up for trusting me. It may not look like it now but I am one of the good guys.

Liz & Max meet in the eraser room.

Max: I got your note. What's wrong?

Liz: Nothing. No, no, um thats not true. Um. I've just been thinking alot lately. And have you ever wanted to see Sweden?

Max: Sweden?

Liz: I mean or anywhere. Peru, Nigeria, New Zealand..

Max: Sure, but the closest I'm going to get right now is the Granilith chamber. Why?

Liz: Watching Alex this week I just realized that it's alright to see the world. To live our dreams.

Max: Liz I can't have.

Liz: Why?

Max: Because it doesn't work that way for us. You know that.

Liz: You, and Isabel and Michael and Tess you guys are getting cheated on alot of things and it's not fair. None of it is.

Max: Liz, you should get to see Sweden. We.. I hold you back.

Liz: No, Max.

Max: Liz you're right.

Liz: That's not true.

Max: Everyone we touch gets hurt in some way or another. Five years from now I don't want you to open your eyes and realize that you've missed out. You're part of the group. You always will be. But you need to be allowed to grow. [hugs Liz]

Liz: Why can't you come with me?

Max: Because I can't. But I'll be watching you Liz Parker. And I'll be here when you get back.

Kyle goes into the Sheriff's office.

A. Duff: [surprises Kyle] Kyle.

Kyle: Agent Duff.

A. Duff: You shouldn't be in here.

Kyle: I know, my dad's supposed to sign my report card. I gave it to him a week ago, it's due tomorrow.

A. Duff: You're sure it's here.

Kyle: Should be. yah.

A. Duff: What are you really looking for Kyle?

Kyle: Here it is right in front of me.

A. Duff: Well, lets see how you're doing. [takes the paper] I didn't like trigonometry either.

Kyle: [looks at paper.. it's his report card. Then the words disapper] Oh what are you doing here.

Tess: I figured you might need a little help.

Kyle: Don't ever use your mind freeze..

Tess: warp

Kyle: Whatever... your creepy powers on me again.

Tess: You know a simple, "Thanks for saving my butt" would be quite sufficient.

Max and Isabel walk into the CrashDown, everyone is there.

Max: Sorry we're late. What's wrong.

Liz: They fired Sheriff Valenti

Max: No.

Isabel: They can't. They can't just fire a Sheriff.

Kyle: They can if they're the City Council. In the past year, my dad and I have been put through an amazing amount of your crap. You and your martian friends move in, take over and obliterate any shred of normalcy. Our lives are no longer ours. Now promise me you're going to stay away from my family. Promise me this is the last time we have to put ourselves on the line for you.

Max: I can't.

Kyle: [walks up to Max, hands him the bag, but drops it before Max can get it. Walks out the door]

Kyle in the kitchen, Tess walks in.

Tess: Theres meatloaf in the bottom drawer.

Kyle: I found it.

Tess: My stuffs packed. I'll be gone after school.

Kyle: What?

Tess: Last night, when you said we've moved in and taking over your life I realized you were talking about me. I'm sorry I over stayed my welcome.

Kyle: Tess don't leave.

Tess: No, it's ok. You have a right to protect your family.

Kyle: You were part of the family I was trying to protect. So far as I can see you're the only good thing about having an alien in my life.

Tess: Kyle.

Kyle: What?

Tess: You're definately my favorite human.

Kyle: Well, you're my favorite martian. [chuckles]

Season 2: Episode 35-- Disturbing Behavior (The Hybrid Chronicles)
Original air date: February 5, 2001.

with music by:

Michael and Maria are spying on the police station.

Maria: Ok that is freaky.

Michael: Yah, it's pretty weird huh.

Maria: Pretty weird, huh. Michael, have you ever thought of the possibility that this guy more than just looks like you. Like he is you. Like your donor. Like your human side is him. Which means in some weird and twisted way that he and his relatives are your family.

Michael: Like Laurie Dupree.

Maria: Exactly.

Michael: That figures, I finally find a family member and she's a complete whack job.

Maria: Whoa.

Michael: What?

Maria: Someone's in Garrison's hardware store.

Michael: Maria, we're supposed to be watching the sheriff's station.

Maria: I think they're having sex.

Michael: Whoa.

To be continued.....

Season 2: Episode 36-- How the Other Half Lives(The Hybrid Chronicles)
Original air date: February 19, 2001.

with music by:

The four-part “Hybrid Chronicles” concludes with this pivotal installment, which reveals how the royal four became human.

The story centers on the manhunt for the kidnapper of Laurie Dupree (Allison Lange), an enigmatic young woman who first appeared to Isabel (Katherine Heigl) in the alien's nightmares. In this episode, the Roswell teens discover why Laurie was abducted and her role in another life form's attempt to wipe out all living creatures on Earth. They also learn the anthropological origins of their existence and why Laurie's relatives want her to believe she is mentally ill: she is the heir to her family's vast estate.

Season 2: Episode 37--Viva Las Vegas
Original air date: February 26, 2001.

with music by:

Michael's nerves are shot, so he decides that he and Max should take a trip to Las Vegas to blow off steam. Isabel and Maria discover the boys' plan and invite themselves to go along. Then Tess, Kyle, Liz and Alex hear the news and join the road trip.

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