Interviews with Jason Behr:


new Teen, November 2000 interview with Jason, Katherine, and Brendan ... read the interview

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Teen Movieline, Summer 2000 interview with Jason the interview

J-14 July 2000 "Guys Confess their Personal Secrets" the interview

Hot July/Aug 2000 the interview

Dreamwatch June'00 "Highs & Lows" the interview

Dreamwatch Apr. '00.. Behr Essentials.. read the interview

SFX Mar '00.."Loving the Aliens". read the interview

Entertainmenteen Jan '00.... "Roswell Close Encounters". read the interview

Entertainmenteen, Dec '99.... "Jason Behr, extraterrestrial". read the interview

Teen Celebrity, Jan/Feb 2000... "Jason Behr" read the interview

Starlog, Nov '99.... "Alien High-Teens from Another World Invade the Classrooms of Roswell"

Teen, Oct '99.... well, this doesn't have an interview with him but it does have a cute picture!


WB Credits Roswell Campaign

In announcing the renewal of its teen alien series Roswell for a second season, The WB gave credit in part to the unprecedented effort by fans to support the freshman show. Fans sent in thousands of tiny bottles of Tabasco sauce, accompanied by letters, urging the network to renew the series. (Tabasco is the condiment of choice of the series' alien characters.)

"Stability in scheduling is always something that you strive for, and we have accomplished that this season by keeping every one of our anchor dramas in their season-ending timeslots," said Susanne Daniels, the network's president for entertainment, in a press release. "Roswell and Felicity came into their own creatively and ratings-wise the last eight episodes of the year, and they both earned their way onto the schedule," she said, adding, "the Tabasco sauce, e-mail campaigns and demonstrations also got our attention."

From the WB Session

Find out the answer to some viewers questions about Roswell. And how you can ask THEM questions.

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