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the three aliens from the WB

Jason in white shirt

Roswell poster

Jason red background

Jason in a restaurant from the WB site

Jason Behr with Brandi Andres NO, it's not his girlfriend

SFX Mar '00 pg. 74 from an episode of Roswell

SFX Mar '00 pg. 74 behind the scenes with Shiri

Dreamwatch Apr '00 pg 41

Jason (Max) and Shiri (Liz) by the fence

Dreamwatch Dec '99 pg 8

 Dreamwatch Apr '00 pg 42

Black & White photo

From the 1st episode of Roswell, in the alley

Entertainmenteen Dec '99 pg 16

starlog magazine

From the WB site, Jason face

Jason Behr, Super Teen Magazine

 J-14 , dec. '99

J-14 dec '99 Fast Facts

oops, I put way too many pictures.. but who's complaining...

J-14 dec '99 Horoscope (Capricorn)

Teen Celebrity Jan/Feb 2000 pg 74

Teen Celebrity Jan/Feb 2000 pg 30


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