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teen movieline, summer 2000, pg 72

teen movieline, summer 2000, pg 73

teen movieline, summer 2000 pg 70

teen movieline, summer 2000 pg 68

teen movieline, summer 2000 cover

teen movieline, summer 2000 pg 69

j-14, june 2000 pg 52

j-14, may 2000 pg 34

dreamwatch june 2000 pg 22-23

Rites of Passage

Check out pictures! Okay, as promised.. I know it took a while but for those who do not have DVD's, the commentary portion is where the actors/director watch the movie and while they're watching the movie, they talk about how it was working on the movie. Well, the director had some really nice things to say about Jason... here it is: "This is one of my favorite shots of you. You do that look so well. You know um, it goes without saying I think you're a really fine actor, you do a fabulous job on this movie. But I think some of your greatest moments are when you're not speaking a word. You have those eyes that just really... that is such an injured look to dad when you get out to the truck with him. And it just really breaks my heart it's so powerful and theres no words at all its just pure actor energy."

From the Jason Behr Online Site

Jason sitting on a rock

Jason from the TV Series Push

Jason standing on the street

Jason on his bio page

Jason sitting down



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