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From the WB Session 4/13

There's a rumor going around about one of the BSB's getting a role on Roswell, is that true?

TheWBAndrew: The rumor is true. Howie Dorough is going to be on the season finale of Roswell.

Do you plan to show repeats of Roswell all summer?

TheWBJay: The network will show repeats of ROSWELL over the summer. Probably starting sometime in June.

Do you know what the title of the Roswell ep scheduled for 5/15?

TheWBJay: The season finale of ROSWELL is titled Destiny.

Where is the wrap party for Roswell being held?

TheWBAndrew: in Los Angeles

TheWBJay: i'll be there....=)

TheWBAndrew: I might go too

How tall is Shiri Appleby?

TheWBAndrew: ...I don't know for sure...but I think it's around 5' 2

TheWBAndrew: rather...she's around 5' 2

When will you be having more celebrity chats like you did last week?

TheWBAndrew: We're still trying to arrange the Majandra chat (as requested by all the fans out there)

TheWBAndrew: we're going to try and do as many as possible...if there's someone you'd like to see...e-mail us at sessions@talk.thewb.com

TheWBAndrew: thanks again everyone...questions can always be e-mailed to sessions@talk.thewb.com...general comments to faces@thewb.com