Welcome to the new Jason Behr @ the Crashdown Cafe. It's been a long summer without any Roswell, but I do have good news... you won't have to wait much longer! New season of Roswell starting October 9th!

The episode of Jason on 'Step by Step' will air on Sept 4, thats Tuesday! Get your VCR's ready! Check tv guide for channel.

Roswell is not on the WB anymore look here ---->

What is Jason up to now? Well, he's shooting a film called "The Shipping News" with Keven Spacey . Find out more.

Woohoo, finally an update! I've updated the favorite scenes for To Serve & Protect and We Are Family. go check them out.

Sorry I know it's been awhile for the updates but I have midterms right now so they'll be over next week. I've added some new site affiliates. Go check them out in the meantime.