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Guys Confess Their Personal Secrets p. 108

J-14 July 2000

Down To Earth but Not of This Earth

After a lengthy day on the set of the WB drama Roswell, how does the star of the show Jason Behr unwind for the evening? Is he going to hit some clubs and party the night away? Is he going cruising with the guys? None of the above. Jason's idea of a good time is simple. He is content just vegging out, watching movies and eating pizza with some friends. "Movies, for me, usually mean a bunch of my buddies and a stack of pizza boxes," he says, "We try to create much of a theater atmosphere as possible so we turn the house lights out. Sometimes we even spill coke and spread out jujubees for authenticity. Jason is a real movie buff who treasures his growing supply of Blockbuster coupons. Come on girls -- admit it. Staying home and cuddling with Jason doesn't seem at all like an alien encouter. In fact, it sounds out of this world.

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