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Help Save Roswell

HEY people ok this gurl who has this Roswell newsletter list thingy and she sent this out earlier! She got it from some place..lol!


UPDATE- From some of the recent comments, and stories circulating from inside sources, it looks like Roswell may have somewhat of a battle ahead of it on the renewal front. Some sources are saying that only one of the shows Roswell, Jack & Jill, or Popular will be renewed. If you care about Roswell, and want it to be renewed, please take the time to do this now! --squanto

Within the next few months, The WB will be making a decision about which shows will be renewed for next year -- and which will not. Now is an excellent time to show your support for Roswell, and let the executives at The WB know how much you stand behind your favorite show! It certainly can't hurt to let them know how many people care about the show before they need to make the final decision whether or not to renew.

In situations like this, the key is letters. Lots and lots of letters. Not e-mail, not phone calls, but good ol' fashioned snail mail that you put a stamp on and drop in the mailbox.

Direct your letters to:

Mr. Jamie Kellner, Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Susanne Daniels, President, Entertainment

Mr. Jordan Levin, Executive Vice President, Programming


The WB

3701 Oak Street

Burbank, CA 91522

A few tips....

Be polite. "If you cancel Roswell, I'll hate all of you [bleep]ing idiots!!!!" is not considered constructive. Keep it short. They don't want to read 6 pages about how the deep bond between Max and Liz has changed your life. Be consise, and keep it to one page.

Don't put "Roswell" anywhere on the outside of the envelope. If you're outside their "target demographic", do mention what a wide appeal Roswell has. So, take a minute, pen a letter, and help support your favorite show!

Who knows, it could make all the difference!