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Roswell Trivia Game... How to play

What: Roswell Trivia game

When: Every Monday's after the show (insert time)

Where: Talk City chat room name: Roswellgame

** You can play as a guest or be a member

How to play:

First go to the chat room called Roswellgame. You will be given a question by RoswellHostess (Manda). Let's say the first question is "What is Brendan Fehr's character's name?" You would hit change rooms (bottom left corner) and type in "MichaelGuerin" as the room name. **Sorry no spaces in between two or more words.**

The hostess will wait 2 minutes for people to get there. If only one person is in the new room "MichaelGuerin" that person will win. Otherwise, a second question will be given after the 2 minute period. 5 questions in all.. the person to survive at the end will win!! If more than 1 person is alive then the first person there to type in "here" will be the winner.. and everyone else will be runners up.

Any questions?? Contact me or Manda.


Sorry no REAL prizes, but your name will be featured on the site Jason Behr @ the CrashDown Cafe until the next time someone else wins